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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Silly Love Songs

SM is out of town this weekend.  He's doing a home show over in Fayetteville hoping to drum up some business.  Fayetteville is about 2 1/2 - 3 hours away from where we live.  SM gets a fair amount if business there, so even though it's a haul, he still goes over at least once a week.  Hopefully, the home show will give him some more opportunities.

Most Saturday mornings we run errands together.  Since SM hit the road about 7:30 this morning I was running solo all day.  (We discussed his getting a hotel room for the weekend, but SM says he's rather sleep in his own bed, so he wants to drive home each night.  It makes for a long day.)

Over the years we've both had job opportunities that could have taken us away from each other during the week.  I told SM early on in our marriage that I didn't want either one of us to be away from each other just to make a buck.  Not if there was any other way around it.  I was greedy enough to want it all.  Every day to be able come home and sleep with him under the same roof. 

Now that's not to say that we don't spend time apart.  Of course we do.  But I really didn't want to be on my own for the majority of my marriage.

As I was saying, I was on my own today, so as I was out running errands, I turned on the radio.  Usually SM and I are gabbing about "whatever" so the radio rarely gets turned on, but when you're alone inside the car and the only voice you hear is the one inside your head...Well, drastic measures are called for. 

(*Will you shut up already?) Me.  To myself. (grin)

The radio station was playing an "Anything Goes" weekend.  You ask for it, you get it. 

Funny how many songs I listened to today were about love. And since I came really close to losing SM this week, I guess I was a bit more introspective than I might normally be.

As a girl, I "love" love songs.  (I wonder if guys do?)

This got me to thinking about all the different kinds of love.  And what songs are out there about those different kinds of love.

I heard Paul McCartney talk about losing his wife Linda to breast cancer many years ago.  Here's some of what he said:

  She was his best friend, his wife, his lover, in 30 years of marriage, Paul McCartney barely spent a night away from Linda. 

"If I had the option to stay away the night or travel back, I’d travel back home.  It wasn’t out of a sense of duty,” he says. “I just thought, what’s the point of spending the night in this hotel, in this cold bed, when she’s back there?" 

“We just fancied each other. That was the whole root, the whole essence of our love. It wasn’t always idyllic.  It was a marriage and we had rows. It was nearly always my insecurities that caused the rows between us which has left me with quite a bit of guilt. The guilt’s a real bugger."

"Whenever anyone dies you do think, oh I wish I’d been an angel for the whole of my life. But I wasn’t, so I was getting into heavy guilt when she died."

“Then I thought, hang on a minute.  We were just human.  We weren’t king or queen someone or other, we were just a boyfriend and girlfriend having babies.”

At the time I heard that interview, I thought "Wow...how lucky they are to be able to spend so much time together, to be that much in love."

Well, life gets in the way for all of us.  Sh*t happens and usually happens when you're least expecting it.

So as I flipped on the radio and listened to love songs as I buzzed about town, I sang along (I can't sing) and I thought about each song I heard today and what kind of love there is out there.  The different "stages" of love.  And even though I don't have an IPod, I can still put together a list of some of my favorite "love songs."

So here so goes...(You-Tube Links attachments.  That way you can sing along too.)

And if you want to, tell me about (or post on your blog) your own list of "love songs".

Best "Newly Infatuated" Love Songs  "Ill Be" and "Slide"

Best "Pissed Off" Love Song (Still...Seriously!  This girl is really pissed off!) "You Oughta Know"

Best "I'm In Therapy and Learning To Love Myself Again" Love Song
"You Learn"

Best "Comfortable in Love" Love Song "Sunday Morning"

Best "It's Over" Love Song "If Love Is A Red Dress (Hang Me In Rags)

Best "Sexy Dance" Love Song "Mondo Bongo" 

Best "Pick Up a Guy" Love Song "Brass in Pocket"

Best "I'm Bored" Love Song "The Pina Colada Song"

I'll told you mine.  Why don't you tell me yours?


  1. Wow, that's some list. I guess I don't really catagorize songs according to theme. I just know there are some that I can listen to (or have listened to) over and over and not tire of them.
    "At This Moment" by Billy and the Beaters comes to mind. I wore that record out!

    So sweet that your honey would rather drive 3 hours to be with you than stay in a hotel.

  2. Well, this is embarrassing, but I'd have to say that we don't have a love song list. We don't even have an "Our Song." I wonder how we managed that!

  3. I guess I never really though about love songs having different stages. Neat thought.
    Hubby and I don't listen much to the radio anymore. We were definately 70's and 80's music. This new stuff --blech.

  4. Every time we hear Anne Murray's "Can I have this Dance" we do. I guess that's our LOVE song.