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Saturday, February 12, 2011

You're Such A Tease!

I paid my natural gas bill this week.  $179.  Ouch!  And that's with the thermostat being set at 65.  I've got no right to complain though.  (Consider this a whine.) 

I like the fact that the utility company shows you your year over year comparison on the bill.  It must be their way of saying "Don't call me and complain about your bill.   See what you spent last year?"

We're within 5 dollars of last year.  It just seems really high.  I expect it's cheap compared with what some folks are paying for heating oil.

SM was at his nephew's house and saw his bill. $270.  They have a toddler though so I expect their thermostat is NOT set at 65.  SM also points out that the house is more "open air", a great room style that's hard to heat.  I guess they're thinking of selling and moving to another home.  Good Luck!

Will this winter ever end?  These are my usual February thoughts as I walk the dogs this morning, my fingertips stinging, my thighs going numb through my jeans.

When I got back in, I pulled up the forecast for the next week.

Could it be?  Might we be turning the corner?

OK...I'll turn it over to you.  Anyone want to whine, b*tch or moan?  I'm listening.  I'm here for you.  Excuse me though...I need to put a T-shirt and shorts on.  It's getting too hot.

(Whaaaa Haaaaa Ha.....Evil Laughter.)


  1. They say we are getting a warm up too, but I have no faith. I feel that it will be 5 degrees for the rest of my life. The winter will never end. Especially since we are very low on wood. That is a good sign that it will stay cold. The groundhog can't be trusted.

  2. Yeah, know what you mean. Our heating bills have been running higher. Propane every 4 weeks run us around $60. But then that runs the frig, stove & hot water heater.

  3. We're on propane and pre-pay the year in July. I hate that, but it's nice sitting all winter knowing a bill isn't going to be showing up a couple days after the propane delivery truck is here.
    They knock off 5% if you prepay---every little bit helps...but July still sucks.

  4. We heat with wood, and our pile is begining to look smaller, so spring needs to hurry.Our temps are supposed to warm up next week. Fingers crossed,eyes too! Blessings jane

  5. We heat with propane. I made a deal with my husband that if I reduced the bill from last year we could put that extra money in an account for my "little farm"...I told him I needed an incentive. It hasn't been as much as I hoped for, but there is a bit in that account.

    We've had warm, beautiful weather all week...shorts and flip flops...but we must be sending it your way, because the weatherman just said a BIG change is on it's way Monday: cold and wet all week! Damn!

  6. No complaints, here. I wouldn't dare. I think Spring has definitely turned the corner.
    Enjoy it!