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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Back To Work

I thought I'd try the "bulk" compost in the third raised bed.  I bought a yard of it yesterday and tossed it in.  I'll actually need another yard to fill the bed completely and then more as the compost settles over time. 

I'm actually pleased with the stuff.  It looks decent, so I thought I'd try a little experiment. 

I filled up one end of the bed with the compost and planted my lettuces, (which were over due for direct sowing).  I won't need the rest of the bed until the end of April, so lets see what happens with the bulk compost over the next month.  If it's crap (Ha Ha) then I won't buy anymore.  But I'm hoping it's good stuff cause that will save me a pretty penny.

For the record, I planted:

Salad Bowl
Baker Creek Sunset (red-leaf) and they sent me a gift of Red Romaine
Buttercrunch Bibb

Casey has had a lame back leg for the past 2 weeks.  Sort of a stiffness that wears off enough that she'll use the leg after it warms up.  She never indicates any pain with it, though I've poked and prodded her.  We tried icing and rest but it doesn't want to go away.  So yesterday I sucked it up and took her to the vet. 

She's "tight as a tick", per the vet, meaning she's all muscle and, while he ruled out elbow and patella issues, he just couldn't say what the problem might be.  He suspects "soft tissue" issues which should resolve with the anti-inflammitory meds he Rx'd.  I should notice improvement within a day or two.

If not, then it's a "mechanical" issue and she'll need to go back in for sedation and further testing.

Back to work for me today...I got vet and gardening bills to pay!


  1. Poor baby. I hope that it resolves itself real soon. She doesn't look like it is effecting her at all with that big smile on her face :)

  2. Looking forward to seeing what happens with your experiment.

    All muscle, huh? I wish I could say that! Hope she's feeling better soon. So sweet.

  3. I hope your compost experiment works. I garden in 100% mushroom compost. I was told it's a mixture of horse manure, rice hulls and rice straw...very well rotted. I add worm castings when I plant my seedlings. I think the soil the compost becomes is beautiful. It smells wonderful and is full of nice big fat worms! Tomatoes don't do well in it tho...I'm going to plant them in regular soil and then side-dress with the compost and worm castings this year and see how that goes.

    Hope Casey's leg starts feeling better.