Thursday, March 10, 2011

Chasing The Light

Today was a wash.  Literally.  It started raining yesterday and just now stopped today around 5pm.

I remember last March we had a lot of rain.  My hopes to get out and do some gardening are on hold again. 

Ya gotta take the good with the bad.  The good is that we need the rain.  The bad is that I'm on vacation this week.  Not much to do.  This is why taking time-off in March is just silly.  But you just wait until April comes along.  There won't be enough hours in the day.

Today, I chased the light.  No natural sunlight for most of the day, so the grow light  was turned on.

Then a bit of late afternoon sun came peeking through.

Bedtime guys... and since it's getting down to 32 again tonight, I'll tuck you into the laundry room to keep warm.

Nighty, night!


  1. Enjoy the rain when you get it! It can be might elusive!

  2. We have had lot's of rain too. I wish we could get some when we need it more . Blessings jane

  3. Our rain ended last night, hopefully yours did too....then you can go out and work in the mud!

  4. Overcast and rain yesterday. BIG BRIGHT sun today and promised for tomorrow...I am out in the garden finally! Hope you can get out yourself...lovely way to spend your staycation! Enjoy! You will have lots to do when you plant those seedlings!