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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Coming Along

I re-potted the pepper seedlings yesterday.

Grow babies, grow!

I also tossed a yard of pine bark mulch on top of the cardboard walkways and transplanted the spinach that had over-wintered from this past fall into the lettuce bed.  (Notice the lettuces coming up?) 

When we started building the new raised beds, I didn't want to sacrifice the spinach so they've spent the better part of this past month in a cardboard box I had tossed them into.  Time to get them back into the ground. 

Last year we planted the apple trees in April and after about a month or so I noticed little orange spots on the leaves.  They would yellow-up and die.  Further research showed that what we had was Cedar Apple Rust, a very common disease.  (Notice the big cedar behind the tree?)  Cedar are everywhere down here and from what I read the spores can travel up to 2 miles.

 Are we doomed?  Who knows.

 I guess you need to spray fruit trees with a fungicide during the spring and early summer.  I promised myself I'd try to be a good little apple tree owner and try to be a bit more attentive to the trees this year.  If anyone out there has some tips or products that can help me with my apples, I'd be very appreciative to hear from you. 

Other than nursing the tomato and pepper seedlings along, that's about it for the early spring plantings.  Everything is in.

Hard to believe in eight more weeks, I'll likely have the entire summer garden in.  Strawberries will be in season.  I will hopefully be harvesting peas and carrots and salad greens.

The cycle begins again.


  1. Your peppers look wonderful! How excited you must be to know that you will be reaping from your own garden soon!

    I didn't know apples grew so far south. You lucky gardener!

  2. I'm so envious of your peppers. With all of our remodeling I've been shuffling seedlings around with no proper place to put them. Consequently I don't have a lot planted early. So slow to seed directly in the garden though!

    I don't know what to tell you about the apple rust. So far, I haven't found any of the natural, organic type disease control to be very effective, but that doesn't mean there isn't help out there.

  3. Those peppers are so lovely...I need to start thinking about putting mine in.

  4. Wow! You are really moving right along! Soon enough you will reap the reward and all that hard work pays off!

  5. Your pepper seedlings are looking good! I have a huge apple tree we planted 29 years ago when we moved in the house...the apples aren't that good...so I just planted two more this Fall...I know nothing about apple trees, I'll have to learn from you!

  6. My pepper plants look about like yours,I don't know anything about apple trees. Be glad when we can plant in the garden. Blessings jane