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Monday, March 21, 2011

Kill Da Wabbit..

Kiki brought in a springtime gift for us late last night.  About 1 am we all shot up out of a sound sleep to hear a high pitched crying.  Almost like a squeaky toy.  I already know what it is, as SM and the dogs beat me out to the living room. 

Poor little thing.  SM hates it when KiKi kills but that is the nature of a cat.

This morning KiKi proudly saunters up to SM in hopes of praise and kitty scratches.  Nope.  SM is having none of it.

I wiggle my fingers at KiKi.  He's usually does not come to me for affection as I belong to the dogs.  But he'll take whatever loving he can get this morning.

"Good Kitty..." I croon.

"Good!?!" SM asks.

"You bet.  One less bunny eating my garden."  I respond, as my fingers work their way to the "top of the tail" kitty scratch that leaves KiKi arching his back and raising up on his toes.

"Such a good Kitty...

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  1. kiki,misbehaved I guess, but one less rabbit to munch on the garden isn't bad either. Blessings jane