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I left a love note on the computer last night simply saying..."Please remove Explorer 9 before I get cranky!"  (I was already cranky...)  

I woke up this morning and Ta Da...fixed already! 

SM had switched it up a few days ago and besides being unable to comment on your blogs...(sob), the computer was horribly s l o w.

I'd also noticed that I couldn't order my seeds online from Baker Creek...(I had to call them).  My pictures wouldn't upload right and I had to go to "shut down" more often. 

Just a lot of annoying little things that made my world more difficult than it had to be.  "Please go back to way things used to be."

Sometimes a good idea can go wrong. 

I heard on the radio last night that up to 90 different companies and groups of various political ideologies were urging Congress to stop the whole ethanol thing. Here's the Letter to Congress if you'd like to see it. 

I even heard Al Gore admitted last year that this whole food for fuel thing wasn't a good idea.

11-22-10) Former vice president Al Gore said that he regrets supporting first-generation corn-based ethanol subsidies while he was in office. Reuters reports that Gore said his support for corn-based ethanol subsidies was rooted more in his desire to cultivate farm votes for his presidential run in 2000 than in doing what was right for the environment:

"It is not a good policy to have these massive subsidies for first-generation ethanol," said Gore, speaking at a green energy business conference in Athens, Greece. First-generation ethanol refers to the most basic, but also most energy intensive, process of converting corn to ethanol for use in vehicle engines."

Gore went on to say that "first-generation ethanol I think was a mistake. The energy conversion ratios are at best very small." Gore now supports so-called second-generation technologies that do not compete with food -- using farm waste or non-food sources such as switchgrass to make ethanol. He added that he did not expect to see a clean energy or climate bill for "at least two years" following Republican victories in the midterm elections.

Funny how the Green Movement isn't about the environment at all.  It's about the money.  Oh yeah, that green stuff. 

And lets not even get into the GMO debate.  They've been waving that "But we can feed the World" flag for long enough.  Come on.  Admit it!  Not a good idea!

This whole GMO thing will bite us in the butt.  Just wait and see.

I've been researching rain barrels.  (It's on my wish list.)  I came across this article Collecting Rainwater Is Now Illegal In Many States


Is the air I breathe fee anymore?

I need to go hide in a corner...Miss Cranky has come for a visit.

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