Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Never Mind

Ignore the post below.  Turns out SM upgraded to Explorer 9 and completely "kibashed" my ability to do anything with this blog or your blogs.

I went into FoxFire and was able to leave a comment easily.

Why do guys do this?  Mess with my MoJo!  (@#%%$ bleeping &*#@*!)

Leave it alone, Dude!


  1. I bet you didn't use the word 'freakin' this time ;)

  2. Hehe -- the one request I have for our computers in our house: that my internet works. Otherwise, leave my puter alone. Being married to a tech-geek means constant changing and reformatting of our computers. In fact, I run the ONLY Windows based computer in the entire house, and that's just because he loves me. Everything else is Linux. =)

    City Roots, Country Life

    PS -- It's Firefox, not FoxFire. =P

  3. I use I E and I have been having trouble posting comments sometimes I have a problem even viewing other blog posts,going to change to foxfire. Blessings jane