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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Not So Subtle Harrassment

Look what came in the mail today.

(It's been at least a month since I've asked SM if we could keep chickens...)

So...What's on your fridge? (Evil Grin)


  1. Oh ya gotta! It's not too late! Tell him just a few wont hurt! You could make it blend in even! C'mon!

    Hey, I know where you could get a funny looking one ;)

  2. Isn't it wonderful: Tractor Supply is selling Heritage/Endangered Breeds...gotta' do your part to save them! I'm going to *invest* in a dozen or so...and YES, big Bill may flip his lid...I'm going to tell him one of the hens must have hatched them!! :0

  3. Boy I wish that we could have chickens here. They are not allowed within the city limits :(

  4. Oh, you lucky woman! Why not tell him you'll make him an omelete every Sunday morning with the fresh eggs? ;0) A little food goes a long way in changin' a man's mind!

    Same here, Robin. We have the big, bad HOA. Shucks...

  5. Be careful with tractor supply, they usually only have straight run left and you can end up with all roosters. You wont get any eggs that way ;)

  6. Take him to Tractor Supply. I was there the other day and the chicks are sooo cute! You'll get eggs, manure for compost, and mine love to eat all the grubs and bugs.