Sunday, March 13, 2011

Peas Please

Sunshine and 78 today.

(78 freakin degrees!  Can you believe it!)

I like it a lot.

And so do the peas...

Please pretty peas...


  1. Oh, lucky you!!! It was so darn cold here today that I came home from the plots!!

  2. 78 degrees! I think I am going to move. I didn't even get my peas in yet :(

  3. Yeah for you! It's cold and raining here. I soaked my peas last nite, planned on planting today...looks like tomorrow...rain or shine!

    FYI: Are you sweets organic or from a regular store? Sometimes regular stores treat them and potatoes so they won't sprout. I use my own homegrown and always buy 2 organics. I have one sweet with lots of roots and not one leaf!

  4. Oh how I love the spring time! :D

  5. That must be it Lynda! (From the store)

  6. They look so sweet, reaching up for the sun!