Sunday, March 20, 2011

Perhaps I Should Be Canning

I mentioned a few posts ago that SM went out and bought us a much needed upright, frost-free freezer.  I was very excited to start filling it up with what food items I could buy or grow and watch my food storage pantry start to take shape.

Say "Hello" to my new freezer!

Say "Goodbye" to my new freezer!  It's a lemon!  We took delivery on it Tuesday the 8th.  We plugged it in, leveled it and let it be for a day or two.  I went out and transferred frozen goodies to it. 

Three days later I went out to get some strawberries (gotta eat em up) and opened the door.  No lights on.  Food was still frozen (thankfully) but the sucker up and died on us.  Didn't even last a week!  We checked the fuses, the outlet.  All good.  We got a lemon.

Do we swap it out for another of the same model?  Heck no. 

SM went a bought a freezer that is as simple as possible.  Meaning this little guy will need to be defrosted. 

It's either on or it's off. 

It has a dial instead of a digital readout.  It has a light at it's base that tells me it's getting juice.

This whole episode had us reconsidering if we really even wanted to go the freezer route.  Perhaps our money would be better invested in canning supplies?

Trouble is, I like frozen meats and vegetables.  Canned meats and veggies just don't do it for me.  Fruits on the other hand, I like canned.  Pears and peaches and jams are best out of a jar.  Applesauce is good either way, frozen or canned.  So is soup.'s all about taste and texture when it comes to food storage.  To each his own I guess.  I've read posts on canned meat...I just can't see it for us.

So.  I plan on letting this puppy sit for a day or two and then I'll transfer my frozen goods over. 

Hopefully, we're done with lemons for awhile.


  1. We have an old upright freezer the has to be defrosted too. It has always worked great - knock on wood. And we only have to defrost it about once a year or so.

    We like canned chicken better than frozen chicken. Same with vegetables. Funny how we all have different tastes.

  2. I think all the new appliances with all that "digital wizardry" are for the birds. I bought all new appliances three years ago, thinking that would be it. Ha. Jokes on me. The washer/dryer have had THREE repairs, the stove is a total lemon (FOUR repairs). I'd give ANYTHING for a simple appliance with NO fancy electronics.
    Hope you have better luck with the new one. I'm with you-I LOVE frozen veggies. The canned stuff is cooked to death!

  3. Hopefully your new no frills freezer will work just fine.

    I agree with you some things need to be canned and some need to be frozen.

    If you are going to be looking for canning supplies this year, check craigslist. I have bought dozens of jelly jars that I found on there for pennies...just saying

  4. Your tastes may even change as you get deeper into canning. I used to hate home canned beans, but now I love them. I can only use frozen for soup. I also use a freezer for putting my grains in to to keep bugs at bay.You will be glad you got it, someday :)

  5. I have freezer envy. I also am pondering getting canning supplies. I guess this would be a good time to dive in, with all the summer veggies coming up, right?
    Where'd ya find the freezer?

  6. I am with Jane on this one, when you make it yourself there is alot of pride that goes down into that belly!

    That said however, we just bought a new freezer too! ;) HA!