It's a cold and wet weekend.  It's just raw out there.

My motivation to be a productive human being goes right out the window on days like this.

It is inspiring to actually see green.  You know, that light, fresh, tender green of new growth.

I can't even be bothered to get off my back porch this morning. 

(*Although I did summon the energy to take the pups out in the drizzle for a quick mile.  Shows you where MY priorities are @:)

Peeking through the bushes to see that the garden is still hanging in there.  I threw some kelp and bone meal on the peas and carrots before the rain started yesterday.

Back inside, I feel like a bug wanting to huddle in the tomatoes and suck up some "grow light" too.

My last batch of (store bought) Idaho's are starting to sprout...need to use them up.  There's a nursery nearby that has a sign out for organic seed potatoes.  I might try some this year.  We usually only eat potatoes in the winter so I usually just by a big bag from Sam's Club. 

Fried potato's for breakfast the past few days. 

That's how SM like them best.  Who can complain?  Butter, onion, salt and pepper?  Crisp em up just so, and I have a happy man.

I've putzed on the computer yesterday and this morning looking at TV options (they suck) but I also watched a foreign film online last night with Hulu (love Bollywood stuff, it's SO FUN) and explored Hulu Plus and Netflix, both of whom offer a free months trial.

I'm reluctant though.  Personally, I'd rather be outside right now...I know the sun is hiding out there somewhere.  Why bother with the TV?  Maybe this winter.  When I'm as trapped and cold as I am right now huddled around the computer for warmth.  (grin)

Come on back sunshine!

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