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Sunday, March 6, 2011

A Spot of Color

"It's snowing in Pittsburgh."  SM points out.  SM grew up in eastern Ohio so Pittsburgh, being the closest city to his home town, has always been his "go to" weather city for his comparisons of where we are now versus where we were then.

"Ugh" Me...(shuddering in sympathy.)

"I think I'd be insane right about now if we were still living in Ohio."  Says SM

"It's so tough this time of year."  I said agreeing.  "Remember how we were so starved for color?  Months after months of nothing but gray and brown and white."

13 years ago this month, SM and I decided to make the jump to live in North Carolina. 

SM and I remembered how we stood in amazement under a bright blue North Carolina sky in March of 1998.  We marveled over the fact that pansies were growing and red buds and pears were popping.  We didn't even need a heavy coat.

Heaven on Earth!

This weekend we are having what SM calls "Ohio weather".  Gray and rainy.  But I don't mind.  We need the rain.

It's a slow soaking rain that will make my life easier when I "double-dig" later this week.

For now, though...I thought we could ALL use a spot of color in our lives to remind us that Spring is just around the corner. 

I have a southern friend who call forsythia, "Yellow-bells." 


  1. We're getting a soft rain right now, too. Your photos look great, the same things are bloooming here in the Sacramento Valley of California...aren't we lucky!

  2. Well I AM here in Pittsburgh, and your right, this sucks. Was 50 degrees yesterday and now getting a few inches of snow. Yuck

  3. I Love north carolina,their scenery is just beautiful. Spring is just around the corner,our weather has also been grey and rainy,we need the rain too. the pansies are pretty. Blessings jane

  4. Magnolia's in bloom are my MOST favorite tree. I just love'em. And now I am going to ask the stupidest question ever...are those this years or last?


  5. Lovely. It's good to know that when we move up there, we won't have to wait too long for spring! Enjoy!

  6. All the pictures were taken in the past few days, APG. I know!!!...it doesn't seem real, does it?