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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Stay-cation Day One

Besides having a rainy weekend, I hadn't been feeling too sparky this past weekend.  I did nothing.  Really.  No housework. No cooking.  No errands.

I sat on my duff and watched TV.  They were running marathons of "The Real Housewives of Wherever" and "Bethanny Getting Married".  I'm such a sucker for those shows.  Can't really explain the fascination.  Now what I'd really like to see is "Real Housewives on the Farm."  Now THAT would be fascinating television.

It was nice to wake up Monday morning feeling, if not 100%, than at least 75%.

Besides household chores, I found more to clean up from the voodoo sacrifice from a few days ago.  "Will it ever end?"  SM wonders?

Casey's ear seems fine.  I took the bandage off on Sunday and applied a coat of "liquid bandage".  (That stuff is smelly!)

I eventually wandered out to the soggy mess that is my backyard.

Hmmm, care for a dip, anyone?  I'm hoping to back fill this swimming pool later this week once the yard dries out enough to allow the truck back here.  For the record, TWC says we got 1.5 inches of rain.  Seems like a lot more than that.

Still getting a few frosty nights.

But look what's popping?  Mamma's got peas!  And the carrots are also starting to come up, but slowly...

Inside, the peppers are popping up too.

I also started the tomatoes.  For the record, I planted:

Matts Wild Cherry
Mortgage Lifter
Abraham Lincoln
Old Virginia
Brandywine OTV
Tropic VFN
And a new one from Baker Creek called German Red Strawberry.

Considering I don't actually EAT tomatoes off the vine, I am hoping to get a good batch for canning and freezing some sauces.

I also took some inspiration from Lynda at Cortina Creek Farm and started some sweet potato slips.  Never done that before! 

I mentioned before that just because I'm taking vacation at home doesn't mean that I'm not spending money. 

Yesterday, with my blessing, SM went shopping for an upright freezer.  He took a peek at a "craigs list" 14 cubic foot freezer, but I told him I'd rather go full size.  

SM ended up at Lowes and bought one for under $500.  Good job, Baby!  Six months, no interest.  Free delivery.  (They're supposed to deliver it today.  That's fast!) 

Funny, how I used to be a Sears girl for appliances but I have a lemon Kenmore washer that we bought a few years ago that has all ready undergone several repairs.  I told SM that, other than the Craftsman line, I'm not buying from Sears anymore.  SM hates Best Buy because of past purchase issues.  Retailers take note...We've got a long memory. 


  1. Look at those sprouts! How inspiring! I envy your rainfall. Enjoy the rest of your time off!

  2. Yipee....your peas are coming up! Before I know it...it will time to plant them here! I hope that I am ready!

  3. I don't think anyone makes a particular wonderful appliance these days. And I hate going to appliance stores, no one knows what they are doing. I found that Matt's wild cherry makes a zillion tomatoes, but I did make sauce with some. Lots of seeds though. I also Froze them whole and put in soups that way. They were very good, such a shame you don't eat them raw.

  4. You know..I never thought of freezing the cherries whole. Thanks for the tip, Jane.

  5. If the rain stays away today I plan on putting in some peas myself. I thought I had planted some last month and kept waiting to see the sprouts...found the FULL packages this week when I was organizing the seed boxes...checked my notes and sure enough: I hadn't planted any! You're way a head of me, girl! You picked some nice tomatoes: I have 20 plants waiting for it to warm up so I can put them in the ground.

  6. Lynda...I see you have developed the dreaded CRS.

    "Can't Remember Sh*t" (Grin)

  7. we have had a lot of rain here too. My tomatoes are up and so are my peppers. Of course their still in the house. Blessings jane