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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

What's that I Smell?

Ever notice how Springtime smells different?  You can smell the earth, the worms, the grass.

Here in NC the first smell of spring is onions. 

That's right, onions. 

Well, actually if you research this some will say that what is growing here is really wild garlic, not wild onions.

They are everywhere though.

We haven't mowed our lawn yet, haven't needed too.  Seriously...what's to mow?  It's all weeds.

But every spring you can smell that nice "onion-y" smell for the first month or so.  Phew!

Some people slap various chemicals onto their yards to try and kill them.  We drove by a farmers field that was covered with them.

I personally think the best way to deal with them is to just dig them up.

Remove the bulbs or they just keep coming back.  These bulbs are teeny tiny.  I suppose you could eat them, not much there though.

I don't remember having these up north.  Is this just a southern thing?


  1. Well you must do a test and eat them. I bet they would be really tasty. Like a chive?

  2. I think they're an East Coast thing....I keep reading about scapes, ramps...stuff I've never heard of. I'm a bit jealous!

  3. They are the first thing to come up around here too. They will be every where!

    We don't use any chemicals on what little grass that we have here. I just don't understand what the big thing is about grass with no "so called" weeds. When ever I see a thick lush lawn....all I think is CHEMICALS!!!

  4. I love those onions. I "think" those are actually onions as I also have a wild garlic patch on one part of the property. Onions have hollow stems and garlic have thick "blades" not hollow.

    It smells like a salad when we mow the lawn.

  5. I love the smell of freshly cut grass, even if it gets a little oniony...

  6. Maybe they're a Carolina thing. I chop the green tops and use like chives. They add a subtle but pleasant flavor tho things. I've worked with the bulbs too; they're hot!