Saturday, April 23, 2011

12 Hours

A very busy day today.

I left home at 7am to do post-ops at work.  

(*I've taken this upcoming week off.  The end of April is always a great time for a "stay-cation".)

After post-ops, I headed out to the Jeep to discover it won't turn over.  A call to SM and an hour later the hood is up and he's doing whatever guys do to make engines run.

We're home by 11 and I want to head over to the nursery to buy some fruit trees and bushes.  On the way, the truck stalled at an intersection.  Ya gotta love small towns.  3 men stopped to look under the hood and offer advice.  Once we got it started again we pulled over to let it warm up and determine if we wanted to continue on to the nursey, and here comes our neighbor pulling up to see if he could help too.

We pressed on to the nursery.  We bought 2 Dorman red raspberries, and a  blueberry to replace the one the (bastard) rabbits ate.  I also bought a Granny Smith Apple as I'm wanting a good sauce apple.  We bought a Noble muscadine and a Reliance seedless grape too.

Once home, the sun peeked out and it got hot quick.  I put all the starts out on the back porch in the shade for an hour to continue the hardening off process. 

We also strung out some more twine to help trellis the bush shelling peas.  Not sure that they need it, but better to have it than have them flopping everywhere.

SM went out to break-up clods while I did a bit more double digging.  He also spread some sand in the beds.

By 3pm we're back on the road to pick up the cultivator from the rental store and ended up stopping at 3 big box stores to find the same "rabbit-proof" fence we currently have so we can enclose the new "landing strips".

By 5, I'm on the lawnmower while SM attacks the new garden beds with the cultivator.  Looking good, Babe!

By 7:30 we've showered and plopped ourselves down in our favorite recliners to watch "The Ten Commandments", a favorite of ours.

12 hours solid.  I think we're both hoping for a good nights sleep.  Sun Rise Easter service at 7 am.  Lets see if we make it. (grin)


  1. Wow, I'm exhausted just reading that! Glad you had nice folks stop to help you with the vehicles.

    Enjoy your holiday!

  2. Busy busy. I hope you both have a very Happy Easter weekend.