Thursday, April 28, 2011

Flying By... my week off flying by.  I have so much to do and my body is reminding me, through aches and pains, that I just can't keep going at the pace that I've set.  ("You are getting older Missy!")

The mind is willing but the body's weak.  (sigh)

Enter SM.  Not only is he the "Smartest Man Alive!" (scroll down to an earlier post) but SM must also stand for "Save (my ass) Man.  

My heel has a tendon that stiffens up with overuse and boy have I been "overusing".  The only cure is rest, and that ain't happening.  I can rest when I get back to work next week.  (grin)  Since I've been limping around like an old lady...SM took pity on me.  "It's my garden too!"  He says.

So SM came out and did the bulk of the compost spreading Wednesday morning. 

Tuesday afternoon I went "dumpster diving" around town to try and find more cardboard for the garden walkways.  Most places have the trash locked-up tight now but I went to an older grocery store and found a bunch.  Still not enough, though.

Look what we have in the garden.  Ladybugs!  Yeah!

And Snow Peas.

Tons and tons of Snow Peas.  I can only hope that Mother Natures furnace doesn't come on too quick this year.  It'd be lovely if I could get 3-4 weeks of harvesting.  (Dreaming I know, but it could happen!)

SM spotted our resident lizard "Izzy" (3rd generation I'm sure.)

And check out the petunias.  Who knew that they were annuals?  I've got 2 pots that somehow survived the winter and started themselves, no help from me.

And guess what time it is?  Strawberry picking time.  (Whoo Hoo!)  The farm that I usually pick at is about a 35 miles (round trip) away.  They have a stand here in town and are charging $9 a bucket if you pick at the farm or $11 if you buy at their stand here in town.  With the price of fuel and factoring in my time, I figured this year I'll just buy from the stand.

I've still got 2 bags in the freezer from last year so I made a small batch of jam.

But I think I'll do mostly do fresh eating.

Does anyone else use these green bags for storage?  My mom gave me some and they do seem to help.  I haven't tried it with strawberries yet.  I didn't wash or cut off the tops on this basket, just dumped it straight into the green bag.  Hopefully, it'll keep them fresh longer so I can wash and top them off just before I use them.


  1. Those strawberries look wonderful. You have really been busting you behind. Take a little rest and enjoy that jam.

  2. I agree with Jane. After all that hard work maybe you should sit down and have strawberry daiquiri :)

  3. You're getting so much done on your 'vacation' week! Wow! Your photos are beautiful too.
    You're welcome to any of our wild muscadines anytime... and they'd be free! Do you also need any rocks?!!! Take care and don't work too hard now.

  4. The green boxes work even better. Got them at WM I think. It will keep my lettuce for 2-3 weeks.

  5. Love the new picture at the top of your blog. Ladybugs are a good sign! Enjoy your yummy jam!