Friday, April 29, 2011


OK...Small rant coming up.  But really. Where the hell have I been?

I'm watching the Royal Wedding this morning and who shows up waiting in line to take his seat at Westminster? 

David Beckham. 

David and Victoria Beckham arrive.

Now I know who David Beckham is but I've have never really paid any attention to him. 

Until today. 

Today, I'm watching David Beckham stand in line like the rest of us schmoes and it wasn't David that caught my eye.  It was the guy behind him.  (Over there by his hand in this picture.) An ordinary enough looking guy to be sure...maybe a dignitary or someone really important.

But with David beside him he looked downright disturbing.  Like the rest of us.  Ordinary.  My perspective was off.  Way off.

How is it that the universe gives one person the genetic equivelant of the Power Ball Ticket.


All in one man.  Even Posh was looking kinda dowdy next to the "Beck-Man".

Where have I been?  Damn...He's pretty freakin hot, that's all I can say...And I said as much to SM.

SM didn't have much to say about Mr Beckham.  Must be my hormones.


  1. I agree. He is hot. And he does look particularly good in that picture. But I am sure a couple of million dollars would make me look much better too. And a team to spiff me up.

  2. I will honestly admit I have no idea who he is, but then again, I don't know many celebs...
    What I want to know, is that hat supposed to be teetering on the tip of her forehead, or did the wind blow it forward?

    (suddenly have visions of all the homesteading bloggers wearing funny little hats while knee-deep in manure or compost)

  3. Sorry, blondes don't do it for me. Enjoy your fantasy, girl. He's all yours...;0)