Monday, April 18, 2011

The New Patch

This little patch of earth and this little pile of stones,
I can wash the dust from off my face and skin, but this earth is in my bones.

-Ralph McTell from Peppers and Tomatoes 1998

We started this Sunday with a harvest of baby lettuces.

I used this homemade "salad spinner" to wash and "spin" off the water from the leaves.  It's an old onion bag.  I got the idea from one of your posts.  (Sorry...can't remember whom to credit the idea, but it's a good one!)

I hard boiled some eggs and made me a warm breakfast egg and bacon salad.  (Yum.)

SM isn't into salad in the morning (He thinks I'm strange) but I did make him a breakfast bagel with egg and managed to toss a few leaves on it too.  SM had a HUGE salad the night before so he said he'd rather keep breakfast as breakfast.  (Just wait until the summer squash start coming in.  Squash for breakfast lunch and dinner...@:)

SM started a new "landing strip" by double digging beside the other bed.  While SM was doing that, I brought the truck around that had a yard of compost in it and started pitching it into the turned over soil. 

SM wants to rent a "cultivator".  He tells me it's not a rototiller, but he wants to "bust-up" the clods a bit more.

I tell him that's not what the "double dig" method is about but I hate to tell him "No".  I don't want to squish his interest in this garden.  So I'm trying to gently persuade him to stick with the book.  We'll see.

We then switched gears a bit and built the last 2 raised beds.  We ran out of L brackets so didn't finish the second one, but I can start to fill the other with compost.  Once all the beds are made and the compost is in, then we'll need to fence it in to keep out the (bastard) bunnies.

Oh!  I was flipping over some of the cardboard we've had piled out by the garden and found a baby copperhead under one of them. 

Our neighbor (right beside the garden) let her grass get knee high before she hired a service to come out and cut.  I was starting to think that it would be attracting snakes and rats and all sorts of vermin.  Well she got it cut on Thursday and we think this little guy came from her yard.

I know snakes are out there but I haven't seen one in our yard for the 13 years we've lived here.  Makes me nervous with the dogs out nosing around.  SM says snakes don't like busy areas, so hopefully I won't be writing a post about anymore snakes.

(Mental note: Need to burn that wood!  Snakes and black widow spiders are attracted to areas like that....shudder!)  


  1. Wow! Your lettuce looks amazing! Wish I could pop over and pick some! Mine has started bolting already as we have had hot days...

    I use a salad spinner like that only mine was from a bag of Florida oranges! Works great!

    You are certainly ambitious! I love seeing it all come together. Good on ya!

  2. Men, I have the same problem. I dont want the beds rototilled but the Husband insists that he HAS to do it. He just doesn't get the no till thing. Boys just want to play with the toys that go vroom vroom.

  3. A Copperhead! RU KIDDING ME! I hate snakes and spiders. We had a rattlesnake make it up to the house only once: our poor dog went crazy...spiders: we have tons...I was bitten by a black widow once..hurt like Hell...a big chunk of skin on my hand turned black and fell off: YUCK!

    Isn't it nice to have MAN help in the Garden? My husband does a tiny bit...but my youngest son has been a BIG help...we do our *talk* time in the garden every evening...he grabs a shovel and starts filling a raised bed...or pulls a handful of weeds...always giving *farming* advice...

  4. The lettuce looks so good! I'd love to have some of that...but you can keep the snake. Blech!

  5. Daisy - The lettuce tastes good too! I'm hoping to get thru May with it. (Please Please Please)

    I know the salad spinner was a blog I read. Probably yours! Thanks for the great/frugal idea!

    Jane - Exactly! They just want to play with toys...The bigger the better!

    Lynda - Yes! A baby... but still coiled up and ready to strike. I read a blog about a gal who got struck several times on the ankle by a baby copperhead. Was in the hospital for weeks, plus slow recovery. I guess the adults strike once a only push so much venom out. The babies are worse because they strike multiple times and don't regulate the venom. (Shuddering) Love the "man help".

    Sue - You got something against snakes? (evil grin) Come on over and play in my lettuce patch!