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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Red Pontiac's

We're not big potato eaters around here.  I can buy a great big bag of Idaho's from Sam's Club and that can last us a few months during the winter. 

I like Idaho's best cause you can mash em, fry em, pancake em, and bake em and the texture and flavor is just what I want.

I've never really eaten many sweet potatoes.  To me, they just taste too sweet.  So I can see them in a dessert but not as a side dish they way I can Idaho's. 

Figures, I live in the part of the country that sweet potatoes grow well in and here I am turning my nose up at them.

We do love little red potatoes...what most people call "new" potatoes.  They are crisp and sweet without being too sweet.  Perfect, steamed in their skins.  I always associate these little gems with clam bakes as a child.  They're also wonderful for summer potato salads and home fries.

I really never thought of growing potatoes but I've seen lots of posts about them so I thought...why not.  Lets have some fun.

There's a nursery on my way home from work that had a sign out for "Organic Seed Potatoes", so I stopped by and snagged a bag of Red Pontiac's.

5lb bag (10 potatoes) for $3.50.

So into to the raised bed they went. 

I'm kind of excited.  It's fun trying something you've never thought of. 

I remember my Grandpa's garden in upstate New York.  I hated the feel of the dirt on my hands but LOVED searching for new potatoes.  It was like a treasure hunt!

If these do well, I may add them to my garden every year.


  1. We aren't big potato eaters either. I have to say that once you eat your own potatoes, you won't like the store bought ones anymore!

  2. I am a big potato eater. I just never seem to plant enough. And I hate buying those heavily sprayed bags from the store. The spray they treat them with not to sprout is awful. I think you will become a big potato eater once you taste how much better a good, organic potato can be. My mouth is watering even thinking about fresh potatoes.

  3. I grew up on potatoes...potatoes every way...that's just the way things go when you grow up in Maine...We're putting them in for the first time this year due to the expanded room.

  4. ya really cant go wrong with potatoes.

  5. I think you're gonna' love growing your own potatoes. I have them everywhere. I even planted potatoes in the linen drawers left-over from our bathroom remodel! I have potatoes planted in the huge bins the pecan tree re-plants came in and I also have potatoes in 1/2 wine barrels! There are so many varieties..I try to plant 3 or 4 new ones every year and then I still have to have my old stand-bys...and Red Pontiac is one!

  6. not a big potato eater myself but have you ever tried sweet potatoes in stew? Yummy.

  7. We loooooooove potatoes here. I'm growing them too, for the first time. Oh, there's nothing quite as yummy as homemade potato soup in the winter time! Enjoy!

  8. They will taste, look and be entirely different than the ones you buy...you'll love them!

  9. We love our potatoes here and we grow them every year . They are so good. This year it will be yukon gold,they have a sweet nutty goodness! Blessings jane