Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Smartest Man Alive

SM has really started to take an interest in the garden this year. 

I've wondered before if he just thought it was a fluke last year and that I'd drop this gardening "hobby" as just a passing fancy.

Now don't get me wrong...He's always been there to help me out when I've asked, but this year I've noticed somethings different.  He's making observations and suggestions.  He is actually getting excited about the garden and fruit tree "plans" for our back yard.

I think it all started a few weeks ago when the pollen had me out of action for the day and he asked if there was anything he could do to help.  I asked him if he wouldn't mind "double digging" the area back by the shed that I wanted to use as an overflow area.

Ever notice when you're alone, digging, pulling weeds...just the act of gardening relaxes you and allows your mind to wander?  

SM (later that night) - "You know, if we moved that shed we'd have lots of room to expand the garden and put in more fruit trees. "

Me -  My jaw dropped open.  I looked from the shed (where he was pointing) back to him and said, (as my mind quickly ran through the possibilities) - "You are the smartest man alive."

SM - "At least the smartest man in this room." he said grinning.

So that's what he did.  Yesterday, SM had the "Dude" come out and move the shed for the bargain basement price of $250. 

"Be sure and take lots of pictures for my blog!"  I hollered as I headed out to work.  And he did.

Here's the new spot for it.

SM didn't even have to empty it.

What a great idea!  It's totally changed the look of the backyard and we've got TONS of space now.

"You do realize that you've just created more gardening work for yourself don't you?  I asked him.

SM grinned and nodded.  "Oh yeah.  Fun isn't it?"


  1. I guess that's what "SM" stands for? Smartest man. Hmmmmm...
    Enjoy all of your new space!
    Whatcha gonna put in the old spot?

  2. Smart AND thoughtful. I think you have a keeper there!

  3. Yes a keeper for sure! Great idea! Blessings jane

  4. Oh Boy, it sounds like someone is getting the Gardening Bug!!

  5. I love it! There's no stopping the two of you now!!!

  6. The shed move was smart! I was just out in my garden trying to figure out how I should prepare for an expansion...lo and behold: Big Bill had already figured a plan out...he's getting into this gardening thing, too. In my book, it sure beats farming!

    I just ordered Jean's book from Amazon. I'm reading Patriot's right now...tried to steer clear of survivalist lit...but lately can't help myself! I almost feel like reading WTSHTF prep stuff is the *smart* thing to do...I take what I need and leave the fanatic stuff on the table.

  7. I love it! Great whatchya gonna plant?

  8. Hey girl, how did you fair all the storms? Everyone safe? Please let us know! xoxox