Something STANKY

I usually get our AC unit serviced every April.  It's no joke that it gets super hot here, super quick.  (Today is supposed to hit 90!) 

In the spring, even if it gets hot, I rarely turn the AC on because the nights get so cool that, if we open up the windows at night, we manage to keep the house cool most of the day with the ceiling fans on.

Once the night time temps are above 70, and the humidity kicks into gear, the AC gets a work out.

Last week we had a day in the 90's and it didn't cool off as usual that night.  Around 2am I woke up in a sweat, checked the temp in the house (76) and decided to kick on the AC.

Usually when you turn your heat or AC on for the first time, you get a rather unpleasant odor.  But it usually burns off quickly and you're in business. 

Not this time.  All during the winter, no stank.

When I kicked on the AC a nasty, sour smell...SM thought one of the dogs had puked...permeated the air.  We turned it off and figured we'd check it out later.  So Saturday, we sprayed off the coils (dilute bleach solution) and sniffed around while the AC unit ran for about an hour with all the windows open.

No good.

STANKY ain't the right word for this.  We turned off the AC.  Googled possible problems, none of them good.  It could be a dead animal, clogged skummy water and MOLD..."Dear God, not the dreaded mold!!!!." 

Sunday we noticed that we could still catch a faint whiff of the STANKY even though the AC wasn't on.  I went around and closed the vents and threw towels on top of the vents.  By this time I'm envisioning 12 different kinds of horror under my house.

I called our service company this morning first thing and explained the situation.  Yeah!  They can send somebody out today!!!!  Since Monday is my day off, this works out perfectly!

I'll update later on what they find.  (sigh)  It's always something isn't it?

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