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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sunday Stroll

We had very heavy rains here last night which makes wanting to play in the dirt a little less appealing.

So I took a little stroll around the yard to see how Spring is coming along.

Our privet bushes that we cut way back are starting to bud through on the main branches.

The holly's are blooming. You can hear the buzz of the bees all around.  I don't think these bloomed  until May last year.  We may be 3 weeks early.

Weeds in the yard.  Pretty flowers.

Weeds on some of the bricks out front.

Love the color of this pansy.

Last years petunia's are coming in again, all on their own.

My Knock-out roses are going bananas.  Low maintenance, a wonderful, easy rose to have in your garden.

Our neighbors dogwood is in bloom...again, usually a May bloomer, early this year.

Our dwarf japanese maple, full and bushy.

Thanks for taking a walk with me!


  1. Nice walk, Tami...thanks...I've only been out to feed and water the chickens. We're getting the floor in the media/reading room sanded and refinished tomorrow. I had to pack the room up and wash windows.

  2. You've got a lot going on! We also have a ton of bees on our hollies. That pansy is so cheery!
    Maples are one of my absolute favs.
    Glad you're enjoying warmer weather and that you were blessed with rain.