Thursday, April 14, 2011

These Boots Are Made for Walking...

Businesses often talk about the many "hats" that employees wear through out the day.

The meaning of wearing "many hats" suggests that the employee has a lot of different responsibilities and each time they change their "hat" they become a different person.  I really only wear one hat.  It's a baseball cap to keep my messy hair out of my eyes when I'm doing yard work.

But I do wear many different shoes.  Take a peek.

5:00am.  Time to walk the dogs.

7:00am  Shower, fuss with the hair and make-up.

7:30am  A quick peek at the garden.  The garden "slip-on's" are nice on a cold chilly morning.

7:40am  Yogurt cup and "breakfast conversation."

7:50am  "Kiss me I'm outta here..."

Last peek at the house...Looks nice in the morning sun.

Pedal to the metal.

45 minutes later, at work for the next 8 1/2 hours.  I leave these shoes at work so they stay clean.

5:00pm  Sit and wait on the "crawl" home. 

I can't take these friggin shoes and socks anymore so...

Much better!  60 minutes later and I'm home.

"Sweet girl!  Yes, Mamma's home."

Now this is more like it!  73 degrees, a glass of wine and (yes) a new book to read.  

(I have the "Earth's Children" series so I sorta had to buy it...)

So...where your feets been today?


  1. Now that I think about it, my feet only seem to be in a lot of poo. I start the day with chicken poo, then over to the horse poo, loop around to the calf poo, and pick up dog poo on the way back. Finish with some mud, days up. Thank goodness for boots.

  2. OMG! I'm so out'a the freak'n loop...I didn't know the new book was out! I've only been waiting like what: 20 years!

    Your house is fandabulous! Feet aren't that bad either, I mean if you're into that! :)

  3. I'm mostly barefoot. No matter where I am, my shoes are usually next to me. If I ever had to work a full-time job, my feet would be in shock!
    How do you do that traffic everyday? And an hour commute each way? Ohhh, you're a better woman than me. I guess you must really like your job.

  4. Jane - Yep...Poo everywhere. I need to do a "blue bag" post. (Blue doogy doo bags for those out of the loop.)

    Lynda - Yeah, it just came out this past week. It's more of the same, but I'm kinda committed to see it through.

    Funny, I thought..."What if some foot fetish guy is out there oggling my feet on my blog?"

    Oh well, I'm just "Out There" I guess. (grin)

    Daisy - Me too (barefoot). Mostly flips once with weather gets warmer.

    I don't think to much about the commute anymore. Necessary evil.

  5. I looove the Earth's Children series. I've been reading and rereading them for years. I didn't realize she had a new book out! *runs to the bookstore*