Thursday, May 19, 2011


I been gone for the past few days.  Mentally that is.  Gone into the land of a "good book."  Sorry about that. 

SM says I can completely tune out the world when I'm reading.  And when I get my hands on a good book, it's even worse.  My nose is in to it 24-7.  Except for sleeping and work...And if I didn't have to do those things, I wouldn't.  

I visit a site from time to time and find some really good books.  Here's the link to Read Free Books Online  This site has a lot of "pain in the butt" pop-ups, and "skip this ad" stuff.  Sometimes you click on the cover and get an ad and sometimes you don't.  Be persistant.  Try the covers or the links and eventually you'll get there.  Once you're in the books the ads stop, just keep in mind that if you leave the site you'll have to jump through all those hoops again AND click through the whole book again to get where you last stopped.  I solved this by adding the page where I stopped for the night to "My Favorite Places".

I saw that The Hunger Games was listed as a popular book this week.  I had heard of The Hunger Games and wasn't sure it was my cup of tea.  Boy, did I suck that one down.  The I also read Chasing Fire and Mockingjay (books 2 and 3 of the trilogy.)  I just finished last night. 

Very good.  I wouldn't call them the best books I've ever read but certainly absorbing. 

So unless I find another good book to read, I'll be back with the real world for now.

Hope I didn't miss anything...I know SM has felt neglected.  (grin)


  1. Tami - oh, I KNOW that feeling. Nothing better than a good book to totally change my mindset / mood :-) Definitely worth the time it takes to read.

    A book in one sitting is definitely my motto :-)

  2. A good book is better than Calgon! It takes you away, yes - but sometimes that is exactly what you need.