Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Box In My Head

Does anybody truly enjoy weeding?  Raise your hand!

Ummm...Not me.

I was thinking about how I put problems into boxes (compartmentalize) in my mind while I was weeding.  (Hence this post.)

You see, I hate weeding.  Did you hear that!  HATE IT!

It's just tedious.  You're bent upside down feeling like your head will pop off, showing your butt to the world.  My back hurts, my knees ache.  I could be doing SO many other things, but "Nooo" I am driven to do this one stupid, thankless task....aargh! 

Told ya I hated it.

With our recent on and off showers and cloudy weather, I've taken the past few days to try and combat the Springtime assault of weeds in every part of my yard.

The garden is not on my list.  Not yet.  Part of the joy of raised beds is that there is very little weeding needed.  Our "landing strips" however are a soon to be wasteland of bermuda grass.  Trouble is, I need the beans and corn and squash seeds that have just sprouted to get a wee bit bigger before I start yanking.

No...I've actually been bent over pulling weeds out from of all the landscaped beds.  Trees and shrubbery that hold no purpose in my life other than "curb appeal."  

Freakin curb appeal!

"OK girl...Deep breaths.  You can do this.  Just one bed at a time.  Yeah, that's it...Slow and steady wins the race."

And then you'll be done!

Only to start it all over again in a few weeks.

Freakin weeds.


  1. Nope, I hate it too. Dread it. I dont worry about any weeds except the ones in the garden and they are fierce. Deep roots and a gazillion of them. Hate them!

  2. Start over in a few weeks? Heck it seems like as soon as I make one pass, I have to play ring around the rosey and do it again.

    Wretched things! I hear ya sister!!

  3. One of the benefits of winter ... until spring comes around again LOL

    Would thinking that the seedless weeds are going to help your compost heap help?

    Also, hate weeding - never ending, back-breaking, soul destroying and completely unnecessary in my opinion! Except for the compost heap bit...

  4. Boy am I with you! I have the raised beds because I do hate weeding! I plan on putting landscape cloth in my fruit orchard, too. I was lucky enough to get several HUGE commercial size rolls from an outfit going out of husband thought I was nutz...we had to load them on a trailer with a forklift...but I knew that I would put them to good use: I HATE WEEDS!
    By the way: chickens are pretty good at putting a dent in the weed problem! ;)

  5. I hate to say it, but I enjoy weeding...It gives me time to listen to the birds, have time to think and ponder what project I'd like to next tackle. Sorry, but I find it relaxing and meditative. As usual, I go against the grain...