Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Couch That Casey Ate

I've had dogs most of my life. 

I've also heard the horror stories and seen the pictures and video's of dogs who've eaten their way through their owners house.  Carpeting, pillows, sofas...nothing is off limits while they are in their puppy years. 

I never had a problem with it...until Casey.  (Must be a terrier thing.) 

(*Our neighborhood had it's annual Garage Sale this morning.)

My sweet angel...

This is the dog,
that ate the couch,
that sat in our yard,
that everyone laughed at,
that is now in the garage,
cause nobody wants it...(even for free)...

Except the cat.

This is the room, 
that will sit empty, 
except for some cushions,
while someone in our house goes into detox.

Fortunately, it was an old, busted down couch.  So don't feel too bad for me.  I've been wanting it replaced for sometime now.  Hopefully, by this fall, Casey will have forgotten all about the biggest chew toy a pup ever had.



  1. Ooooohhh, someone was a bad boy. Hard to punish them went they look so darn cute.

  2. Oh My! My poor couch is in the same poor state...only I can't blame the dog...just plain old poor quality and a house full of too many fat-asses!

  3. HA! Oh my gosh! Well it served it's purpose well then. If I came home to that one day, I would just have to laugh. What else can ya do???