Monday, May 23, 2011

Do You Hear What I Hear?

Want to hear our cicada's?  It sounds like a spaceship is hovering out in the distance.  Beautiful, but weird. 

Here's a YouTube link Sound of 2011 Cicada's and a Fox News clip about them Fox News Cicada Clip

SM says I'm fascinated by them.  He's right.  I really am.

Stand outside and they'll land on you.  Really beautiful bugs.  And I'm not into bugs.  Too bad they'll only live for about a month.

My problem is that Casey is loving them.  I can't walk her in the mornings without her vacuuming them up.  Yuck.  They're all over the roads and sidewalks. 

Talk about Crunch and Munch.

I could save on kibble...hmmm.  Maybe I should harvest some cicada's.



  1. It has been years since we have had them (come to think of it, shouldnt it be time again?) anyway I remember seeing a chipmunk eating them. I didnt think they ate meat. They must be tasty, everything does enjoy eating them. It would save me a fortune in chicken feed.

  2. I love the youtube link! Thanks...
    We don't have cicadas or lightning bugs: two things I enjoy when visiting east of the Mississipi...oh and the FOOD...I really enjoy the FOOD...oh and the PEOPLE...just love the PEOPLE.

  3. We lived in North Carolina the year the 17 year cicada made it's appearance. Not that I would have known, but my dad follows these kinds of things and sent me an article on them that year. I agree they're fascinating.

  4. I haven't heard them in years! I don't know if we don't have them here, or we're too busy (?) to notice.
    But crunch and munch-blech. Dogs sure aren't fussy!