Monday, May 9, 2011

Free To Good Home can't even give it away.

I started way too many tomatoes this year.  I assumed that I'd have a few that just wouldn't germinate.  Ha!  Everyone pulled through beautifully.  But I knew going in that I'd need to give some of the plants away.

My good neighbor right beside me took two.  I gave her a Brandywine and a Matt's Wild Cherry.  I approached 3 other neighbors.  Nope, not interested.  Another neighbor, a retired couple who garden, gently turned me down as they had just planted 40 tomato's themselves.  (I've got them beat by 5.... grin)

So I put them out by the mailbox last night.  One lady took two as I was putting them out. I saw another car slow and a gal picked one up. 

This morning there were 3 left.  I went ahead and found a spot for them in my garden.  They will probably be the BEST of the batch, just wait and see! 


  1. I always end up with too many tomatoes too. That's great that people actually took the free plants.

  2. Ooooh, if we only lived closer!!!
    Enjoy your bounty!

  3. Tami,
    Your garden looks so beautiful, well-done and organized!

    We're growing Brandywine as one of our tomatoes this year too for the first time. We usually grow Early Girl, Celebrity, cherry and grape tomatoes....but added Brandywine to the bunch this year and am looking forward to not only seeing how it does, but how it tastes!

    Hope your mockingbird has quieted down so you can sleep!

  4. sister Tracy here I tried this once and people dropped there stuff off kinda like a co-op thing