Friday, May 20, 2011

Garden Update and Attack of the Ninja Slugs

I've never grown my own potatoes before so I've been watching their progress with interest.  They look quite beautiful with their blossoms.

Can you plant potatoes mid summer for a fall crop?

The squash and corn patch look like they'll have some competition with the Bermuda grass.  I knew this would be a tough area to control this year.  We'll see what happens.  Bermuda grass is so invasive!

Our first zucchini blossoms of the year. 

There's NO stopping the zucchini.  It's the one crop I'm guaranteed to get year after year.  Too bad zucchini doesn't taste like chocolate...I'd be a real happy girl with that crop.

And the slugs.  We never see the little bastards, but I know they're out there.  My beans are getting decimated again, just like last year.

I would love to hear some feedback from you all on how to play the "keep away from my plants" game with the slugs.  I know I've made a desirable area for them with the cardboard "weed block" that we're using.  Can't be helped.  The grass will take over if I pull the cardboard.  SM calls them "ninja slugs."

I've noticed that they only seem interested in the beans and squash (family).  They're not eating anything else.  SM went out and bought some slug bait yesterday so we need to get that out.  Does it work for anybody? 


  1. Have you tried crushed eggshells around the plants? They're sharp!

  2. DIATOMACIOUS EARTH or DE. It works wonders. You can get it at your local feed store. When the slug touches it (it is crushed up tiny crustacions) it cuts their skin and they die. Just sprinkle all over the plant and reapply after watering or rain and bye bye slugs. Put the DE on anything they like. And it is food safe, no chemicals.

  3. We never seem to have a problem with slugs. Or maybe I just haven't noticed. It's the darn Japanese Beetles that eat the crap out of our green beans. I am going to plant radish in and around alot of stuff this year and let them go to seed. Apparently alot of garden pest don't like radish.

  4. At our old house, we had to cut down a JUNGLE to make room for a garden... We had slugs by the thousands. Like, couldn't go out in the morning without squishing at least 4 or 5. I used the slug bait, it was ok. I tried the eggshell thing around the plants. That worked, but then the ants came and they kept eating the insides of my squash blossoms. Then I tried the beer thing, that worked ok too, but I felt that all that did was attract all he slugs in the neighborhood and emptying that tray full of dead slugs was just oh so gross. Then I resorted to keeping my salt shaker outside and dehydrating the little bastards every time I saw them. I think slugs are just those things that have to be dealt with over time. Like all summer. Good luck! DIE NINJA SLUGS, DIE!!

  5. Tami your potatoes look great! I don't know about growing potatoes in your area, but here I grow potatoes year round.
    Slugs: I use EVERYTHING...egg shells, beer, diatomacious earth, copper wire...I have managed to get them under control...but I do have to really keep on top of it. AND I have also used the pellets when the infestation was really bad...I just had to be careful of the dogs and chickens not eating them...pellets are always my last resort. Good luck...your veggies look great!

  6. We used to lay boards out between the rows-the slugs hide under there during the day-it's easy to flip the boards over and squish the slugs. Gross, I know, but whatever works!

  7. Thanks for all your suggestions! I'll be stopping by the Tractor Supply and pick up some DE. I REALLY want a green beans harvest this year.