Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Most Productive

I am loving my "Gardening With The Moon' Calendar.  This weekend the moon is in Cancer.  According to my calendar Cancer is:

Very fruitful and the most productive sign.  Irrigate.  Plant all seeds.  Never dig potatoes at this time.  Plant hay, grain and cereals.  Plant vegetables which yield above ground.  Plant flowers for abundance.  Good for budding, transplanting and grafting.  Plant potatoes, carrots, etc.  Prune plants and trees.

(Yes, oh wise one.  I will do as you command!)

Fortunately our weather is agreeing with the moon and I feel confident that the time is right for transplanting the tomatoes and peppers.  I'll also direct sow the majority of my seeds this weekend.

SM points out the corn is "popping" in the fields locally.  Most of it is likely field corn instead of sweet, but it looks like our evening temperatures are going to stay in the 60's from here on out so I think I'll go ahead and get that in the ground.

When the peas and carrots are finished, likely by the end of May, I'll plant those beds up with my "staggered" plantings.  More beans and squashes.

So a busy day ahead for all of us (weather permitting!).

Just as soon as I get back from post-ops, I'll be on my knees and with my fingers in the dirt.


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  1. Sounds like you are one happy woman! I hope you continue to have marvelous weather!