Friday, May 13, 2011

The News I Like The Best

(**Huh...I did have this blog posted Thursday before the big Blogger meltdown of the past 2 days.  But now it's "gone baby, gone".  I can't find it at all.  So lets see if I can remember how it went.**)

Most of you who read our blog know that SM and I suspended our Direct TV account last month.  We've both been noticing how relaxed and mellow we are now that we don't have the TV on when we're home.  SM and I are news piggies.  We love to see and discuss local and world events. 

Now that we're not plugged in 24-7, we have to make an effort to obtain our news via online sources.  To be perfectly honest, I just don't care what's going on in the world that much anymore.  All I can really control is what's happening in my backyard. 

Of course I want to know about the earthquake in Japan and the southern twisters.  I just don't need every minute detail examined 6 ways to Sunday.  Information overload.

SM and I cancelled our "big city" newspaper a few year ago too.  We'd noticed that "If it was news to them it was old news to us."  Maybe print just couldn't keep up with the internet but it was just silly paying ever increasing prices for a paper that was becoming redundant.

So these days, this is how I like my news best.

Thanks to my good friend Susan who keeps me supplied with her old papers.  Hopefully, they'll help keep the weeds down.


  1. I am surprised by the great reception of the local channels too. I have a digital antenna and I get channels from 2 other nearby states.

  2. Good for you! Sometimes it can be down right depressing anyway. I do 'keep up' but not so much so that it consumes me.

  3. I stopped watching the news years ago. Reality is subjective.

  4. I can pull your actual first post from google reader if you're interested. Let me know and I can email it to you!

    City Roots, Country Life

  5. Thanks Emma! I think this post will do fine.

  6. I'm glad you DID rerun it because I saw the original and TRIED to comment, but the great Blogger Meltdown wouldn't allow it.
    Anywho--we cancelled our DirecTV about the same time you did, and I ONLY read the comics and the obits in the paper (hubby couldn't live without it so IT still comes.....) and I can't believe how much happier and more relaxed I've been.
    I know I'm burying my head in the sand, so to speak, but there is NOTHING that I can do to change what is going on in the world, so I choose to ignore the news. Yea, yea--the politicos probably LOVE that-they can get away with so much more, but lets face it, it's all about the money out there, and since hubby and I don't have any, my sayso isn't going to change anything.
    Enough rambling. Great post!