Monday, May 23, 2011

No Snow Anywhere

I took some time Sunday morning and really went through the second bed of peas carefully. 

I feel somewhat vindicated.  There's not a snow pea anywhere.  What I thought might be snow peas was actually immature pods.

I thought that I had planted the Green Arrows and Wando's in this bed.  I had even noted it on the map in my garden book.  Looks like I was right.

The peas that have matured are everything I could hope for.  Much larger pods filled with much larger peas.  Sweet too.

There's a lot of peas that need to mature yet in this bed.  Unfortunately, this coming week we'll have highs in the mid 90's.  Nothing kills a pea faster than than heat.  I picked these varieties because they are more heat tolerant than others and supposedly suited for the mid-Atlantic.

I think if I could just get through this week of high temperatures, I might just get a bumper pea crop.  I was skunked last year on shelling peas due to the heat.  But I had a great snow pea harvest last year.

So what happened to my snow peas?  Did they cross pollinate somehow?  Do peas do that?  Or maybe I really did get a miss labeled batch.

All I know is that these peas are way more impressive than the other bed.  Those plants were small and dying back.  The peas were edible but small and the pods thin skinned.  Perhaps I had mutant peas.

Regardless...Won't ya'll be happy when I finally stop talking about peas?

Next up...I'm sure to wax poetic on my zucchini crop.



  1. I would call the seed company. A good company always has gardening experts that are more than happy to answer your question and maybe they had a mismatched batch. If not they can tell you why it may have happened.

  2. You are too funny! You can talk about peas every day and we'll listen. I am afraid to ask how many zukes you planted though. :)

  3. Hi Tami!
    Your posts are always so funny...and so hardworking! We're having intolerable heat here too in SC after having an abnormally cool week last week. Weird weather for our time of year.

    Wanted to personally thank you for the great comment and ideas you had for 'dragon'. I love, love, LOVE your ideas! I've never thought of using plants to highlight his features and have some red petunias started that I will transplant today near his mouth for his "fire"!!

    Thanks SO much!

  4. I'm envious of your peas...even if you don't know whose who is the pea zoo! Had to pull mine: the Round-Up Wrangler attacked! Grrrrr!

  5. Well, we've been enjoying our peas too, so talk on!

  6. Talk away, anything gardening is okay by me!