Friday, May 27, 2011


I came home tonight to a filthy house, a lame dog (that will likely need knee surgery) and a hankering for a glass of wine, a good book and a warm breezy evening sitting outside in the shade of the big maple.

Instead, I got on the phone to call the Vet and refilled an RX for Rimadyl (doggie NSAID).  Drove to said Vet in a "frog choker" (heavy, heavy thunderstorm), shelled out my $22 dollars and asked the Vet to call me Monday to discuss surgery. 

Once I got back to the house, SM pulled in beat down from another day trying to earn a buck.  "What's for supper?"  He asked.

"How about Pizza?"  Since I'm gluten free I stopped making my own bread and pizza dough.  Pillsbury to the rescue.  While I'm fixing dinner, I'm filling SM in on the likely game plan for Ginny's patella surgery.  (Hell, I can't afford $66 dollars a month so that she can be pain free.  She's only 6 years old.  I'm a wimp when my pups are sick or hurting.  SM agrees.)

Then suddenly he brightens up. 

"Have I got a surprise for you.  And it didn't cost me anything!!!" 

"Oh yeah?"  I asked stirring the mushrooms that were frying up.

"Yeah...A (customer) and I were talking about canning...(How did that conversation start?)...and he told me I was welcome to take 5 boxes of jars that his Mom used to can with out of his basement.  Free!"

"Free?!?" I squeaked.

"Yep...come and see!"  

So I went out into the garage while SM dodged the raindrops and brought in the booty.

Nice old jars.



And Golden Harvest.  All quart jars.  60+.  I'll just have to buy the lids. 


SM gets BIG bonus points for this!  Gotta love that man!  (I think he was just as excited as I was.  He says it took him back to his childhood seeing all those old jars.)

Ooops!  I forgot about the mushrooms frying on the stove!  I ran back inside.  Slightly crispy but just fine.  I threw the pizza on the stone, grabbed a glass of wine and watched the downpour.

So Ginny's not limping now and the mushrooms didn't catch fire.  The house is still filthy, but I don't care cause I've had more than one glass of wine.  I've got a husband praising me that it was the best pizza he's ever eaten and a pile of jars in the garage waiting for me to fill them.

Life is good.


  1. Tami - I'm happy for you - all those lovely jars :-)

    You sound upbeat - wonderful. Here's to an excellent weekend...

    (and why can I comment on your blog but no-one else's - driving me crazy LOL, and yes, I reported it to Blogger on Tuesday when it first happened to me)

  2. tami-If you could see me drooling over your jars...and free, no less.

    Okay, a mother lode of free jars, rain and homemade pizza. Does life get any better?

    Baked polenta slices make a great substitute for pizza crust. I'm gonna be posting soon on a gluten-free homemade crust, as we eat pizza at least twice a month here.

    Enjoy your jackpot!!!

  3. tami-I had the same problem posting comments. You need to uncheck the box that says "Stay signed in" and you should be fine.

  4. Oooo...Thanks for the tip!

  5. Ain't life grand! Wonderful husband! Can't wait to see what you fill those beautiful jars with...yummy!