Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Triple Digits

We hit 98 yesterday.   So here we are on June 1st and we're forecast to hit 100 by 5pm today.  Really...100 freakin degrees!  Already. (sigh)

How am I supposed to keep a garden alive with the oven on like this?  And it looks so pretty and healthy right now.

I cut a bunch of lettuce this morning.  I still can't believe it hasn't bolted yet.  And I picked 4 nice zucchini's too.

Monday I pulled up all the carrots.  I want to plant more beans and squash in the raised bed that they were in.  I had read that carrots do better as a fall crop than a spring crop in NC.  These have had 5 months to grow and were little more than baby carrots.  Still sweet!  But a disappointment size-wise 
 (Weird to think it but I'm supposed to plant carrots in July for a fall harvest.)

The pea harvest is complete with 9 quart bags in the freezer.  I'm sure we also "fresh" ate another quart.

All in all, it's been a pretty good year so far.  I just hope somebody turns the heat down just a little.  I would hate to think of having 3 more months of flirting with 100 degrees.  I'm not sure if anything can produce in that kind of consistent heat.


  1. This weather is just crazy! It has been in the mid to high 90's for several days now. We are supposed to have cooler weather tonight or soon as the Tornado watch is over!!

    I have never had real good luck with carrots either. I hoping for some good ones this year though. It's weird that your lettuce hasn't bolted yet. It must be related to my baby choi which is 4 times bigger then my pak choi was and still hasn't boled with this heat.

    Hopefully your weather will cool down too!

  2. I am just a few degrees behind you and it has cooked the new transplants. At least your plants are established and may be able to weather it. You garden looks so good.

  3. I hear ya! 2 weeks ago, in the 50's. This week, 90's! I am sure the tomatoes and peppers are loving it! Even though your carrots didn't get much size on them, they sure are cute! The garden looks beautiful!

  4. Gosh Tami, it looks amazing! Mine wont be even close to that for at least another month! Isn't it neat to see all the gardens in the different zones? Cool!

    Keep up the good work and um, stay cool??

  5. Your garden looks amazing! You sure you're new at this?;0)

    Plantcha some sweet potatoes, honey, they looooooooooove the heat!

  6. Are you kidding me! It's 50 degrees, raining, hailing and we have another tornado
    NORTHERN CALIFORNIA! I'm still harvesting broccoli and lettuce. My
    tomatoes and peppers are not happy! It should be in the 80's and
    90's right now.

    Your garden looks delicious! You have done a great job...keep it watered, I don't want you to lose anything! And I agree with Daisy:
    plant up lots of those sweets!

  7. 9 quarts of peas! Can you say "pea green with envy"? The carrots look lovely too. I'm amazed you're still getting lettuce, mine went to seed a long time ago. The heat is crazy, isn't it? I've been watering, but I dread my next water bill.

  8. Tami, your garden looks terrific! You are doing a great job! We're also suffering with the heat down here's miserable.