Saturday, May 21, 2011

White Noise

For the past ten years or so I've slept with a sound machine.  I'm a pretty light sleeper so any noise that isn't our usual household noise would wake me up.  Before our great new neighbors moved in, we had a family with teenagers and friends that would come in with their bikes and cars and music.  Dogs barking, people talking.  They tried to be respectful but still...I'm in bed by 10 and when you're young, that's when the party gets started.

So I tried a noise machine and now I can't live without it.  I even take it with us when we go on vacations.  Puts me out like a light and even SM doesn't seem to mind it.  I like the white noise setting.  The ocean makes me want to pee and the heatbeat makes me feel like I'm in a really bad horror movie.

We have some new neighbors moving in this year.  They stop by every 10years or so and hang out with us during with summer months. 


I actually LOVE the sound of cicadas.  If the South has a song, it's the song of the cicada.

SM has heard them around for the past few weeks as he travels around the state for his work.  I heard them this past week as I took Scooter to the Vets for his dental cleaning.  I would drive past a stand of woods and hear the "wave" of sound.  Pretty loud actually.

Last night I came home from work and there it was.  That lovely roar of white noise.  The cicada's are starting to drift into our neigborhood slowly.  SM said he had a cicada on the lawnmower with him as he cut the yard yesterday.

Beady red eyes he says.

I expect the dogs will have some fun chasing them down.  And trying to eat them too.  Scooter is a bit of a "garbage gut" and will crunch away on any bug he can find.  Casey is still enough of a pup that the rattle and vibration will have her pouncing on them in the yard.

So go ahead and "holla" at me!


  1. When we were on our whirlwind N.C. trip the cicadas were front page news and the lead story on all the news stations...I didn't get a chance to hear them...they had not made their way to Chapel Hill. I had no idea they looked so scary: do they bite?

  2. I'm sorry to say that I have the opposite feelings about the cicadas than you do. We get them in our trees right next to the house and THEY WONT SHUT UP! Some years the noise is deafening!

    But our dog DOES like to snack on them. Pretty funny watching her walk around with one in her mouth and you can actually see & hear her mouth buzzing until she crunches them.

  3. Lynda - No they don't bite, but they sure can scare the sh*t out of you if they land on you. Think low flying military bombers. It's fun watching the birds swoop down in mid flight and snag one. They fly slow.

    Carolyn Renee - Ooooo! Gross! I know it's coming but still!

  4. I love listening to them too. Unless it's like a few years ago when we had the onslaught, it would down right pierce your ears! Try running a tiller and they crawl all over you. Blech!
    Sorta feel the same about crickets, it just means summer is here and yes...sleep is good!

  5. What a wonderful prelude to summer! Enjoy the onslaught!