Friday, June 10, 2011

The "Bubble"

The last time we had any rain here was two weeks ago.  A real nice soaking rain. 

Since then there have storms all around us, but nothing falls...We're in "The Bubble."

I'm sure you've all been in "The Bubble" from time to time.  Sometimes the bubble is dry, sometimes wet, sometimes cold, sometimes hot.

SM was watching the radar last night.  We grab each others hands, jumping for joy!  Here it comes, yep almost here....Then nothing.  Nothing!

"Oh, Man!!!  Skunked again!"

We've been feeling like Moses has come to visit.

I can just envision it.  SM standing on the front porch, golf club in hand...

And the clouds part.  The sun comes out. 

"Hey!  Stop that!  We need this rain.  The garden is developing cracks!"

(I'm going to hell, I just know it....grin)


  1. I have been in the bubble for 3 weeks, and I want out!! How can it not rain here and the next county get a heavy downpour. I am starting to take it personal.

  2. Tami, I don't think that anyone is having good weather! How many bubbles can there be????

  3. And here I thought you were in the lucky bubble zone! We're doomed now. Hoping for some rain for you!!

  4. HA! What a hoot! We have been in a no-rain bubble for a while. It always seems to do around our development...Crazy!

  5. Hey baby! (hee hee - does that count as a southern hello?) we'll send you a bit of our rain. its pouring right now.
    ps look out for that smiting bolt of lightening! zoikes!

  6. Don't laugh but it been thindering here for the last hour...and still no rain!!! Freakin Weird!

    Thanks for stopping by OFG!

  7. Sometimes when the heat has really built up through the afternoon, we get what we call "heat lightening" in Florida. It doesn't rain, you just have the lightening.