Sunday, June 26, 2011

In Between

I received my Baker Creek order yesterday.  

Last week, I couldn't order online so I ended up talking to them directly.  I mentioned that I was re-ordering all my squashes because of the SVB and "hoped" that I wasn't too late getting the seeds in the ground.  "No.  You'll be fine.  My husband just put in our squashes and pumpkins last week, and we're in Missouri."  The BC Rep said.

Yeah me!  So I went out and re-planted this morning.  I added to the seed collection with a yellow "Lemon" squash and a Blue "Jarrahdale" pumpkin along with these cute little winter squashes called " Sweet Dumpling".

After giving everything a squirt, SM stopped by for his morning garden stroll with coffee in hand.  It was a beautiful morning, 67 degrees.  We peeked under leaves and found a few more cucumbers...

Butternuts are coming along.

Bell and Hungarian Yellow peppers

My green beans are just starting to develop, although the leaves look like lace with everyone chewing on them.

On the tomato front everything seems to be in a holding pattern for now.  Matt's Wild Cherries are starting to redden up, but they're very tiny.  Not at all what I'd thought a cherry tomato would be.  

We have 1 "big-un" starting to ripen.  It's a German Red Strawberry (Baker Creek) that is absolutely LOADED with green tomatoes.  (I can't get in there good enough to get you all a decent picture of the red one, so here's a picture of some of the green ones.)

If this tomato passes SM's taste test, it will be our number one tomato from this years sample of the seven different varieties we put in.  Nothing is coming close to showing the production that this variety has put out so far. 

Here's a long view of the raised beds which look positively barren compared to the lushness of the "double dig" patches.  

I'd re-seeded some summer squashes along with green and lima beans a few weeks ago.  (This was before I figured out that the beans really don't like  being in the raised beds.)  Next year ALL beans are going in the ground, not the beds.

It looks like we should be eating a lot out of the garden right now but we're still in that Tweener-Time where it's still just a bit too early.  And then everything will POP all at once won't it?  

Can't wait!


  1. You need to load up on canning jars! You are so going to love the Sweet Dumplings...I don't get a lot per plant, maybe 5-8, but they are as sweet as candy. I'm growing a bunch this year. The grand kids love getting their own little squash! The pictures of the garden are wonderful!

  2. Those new squash look really fun. Can't wait to see them harvested.