Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sunday Buffet

*Sunday Buffet is my smorgasbord of random thoughts and observations.

*Ginny has adapted pretty well to being restricted.  She's a very smart dog and seems to understand that I only want her to walk and not run.  We're only 2 weeks into her house-arrest but I've already noticed that she's not doing the 3-legged thing (only rarely) and just for a moment when she first gets up.

*I've cut back on the length of my dog walks with Casey and Scooter.  Just 1 mile now.  But since I'm battling a middle aged spread, I've continued with an extra solo mile walk all on my own, which is weird (not having dogs pulling me along) but kinda nice.

I came across a box turtle this morning as I did my solo walk. 

He wanted to cross the road, so helped out a little.  He hissed and closed his doors when I picked him up.  I took him over to the other side so he wouldn't get smushed by a car.  As I admired his markings, I thought that it was a very good thing I didn't have the dogs.  Not that they could hurt him, just that they'd be a pain in the butt to manage and I wouldn't have had this nice moment...just me and a turtle.

*I've always been one of those people that could wake up and be ready to go in an instant.  Not so much anymore.  I've noticed this past year that I'm slower to wake up.  I usually make coffee for SM first thing.  I completely forgot this morning and just managed to get it made before he got up today.  My stem cells just aren't firing on all cylinders first thing anymore.  I could really use some caffene, in fact I'm craving a cola like you wouldn't believe.  I've sworn off the stuff as it's not good for my acid reflux.  Another development of being older.  Sigh.

*Sams Club had cherries yesterday.  3 pounds for $12.  Is that reasonable?  I didn't buy them thinking I'd look for some next time we go to the farmers market.  Cherry jam would be a yummy addition to the pantry.  I've noticed the prices going up again.  SM and I are grateful for the garden more than ever.  The lettuce has really slowed down, (I haven't picked in several days) and since SM and I love salads I sucked it up and bought some romaine while we were at Sams (sob).  But it's better than nothing.

*After 8 hours of thunder we finally got some rain yesterday.  Maybe a 1/4 of an inch.  Disappointing for sure but we have another chance for some rain today so send your rain to me, guys...I'm happy to take it off your hands!

SM's hinting at some breakfast so I'm off for now!  Toodles!


  1. I will send you rain, but I can't afford to loan you any stem cells.

  2. That is such good news about Ginny. Hopefully both of you can stick with it until she's completely healed.

    I have to mention that I love these kinds of posts. "Sunday Buffet" is a great title!

  3. Glad to hear Ginny is doing a little better!

  4. What a sweet turtle. I love walking alone so that I can focus on my day's intention.

    Glad puppy is getting better!