Thursday, June 2, 2011

Swimmin Pools, Movie Stars...

Well, lookie here...Som body's diggin themselves a "see-ment" pond.

Thinkin maybe I should get me a wheelbarra or two of that fine lookin dirt? 

I'm thinkin we need to git ourselves a gate put in too.  Shirley som body won't mind an extra person a splishin and a splashin?


  1. Want not, waste not. bring it on over, I say.

  2. I think those neighbor's may need a big pitcher of lemonaide and a plate of brownies! (or beer and peanuts...depends on the neighbor).

  3. Mighty fine looking soil they be digging up there :-)

    Agreed - offer them some refreshment to go with their relaxation and they're sure to offer to share...

    As for the gate - well, it's not your fault a car came crashing through the fence and broke it in exactly the right spot LOL

  4. Well if they don't want to give it away just sneak over there tonight and grab yourself a bucket load! Raised beds multiplied!

  5. Tami, you are really funny!