Friday, July 29, 2011

In The Jungle

Everyone's been showing their garden "jungles" lately so I thought I'd do a post too.

The tomatoes and peppers that are in the ground are still doing wonderfully.  I've had one harvest of green bell peppers and the plants are shooting out new leaves and blooms.  I see that some new fruit is setting on the peppers.


The blight seems to only be affecting 6 plants that are in my raised bed.  Interestingly, the Brandywines and Matt's WC that "hug" the blighted plants are resisting it so far.

I haven't sprayed in over a month.  All the tomatoes in the ground are still unaffected, so far.  

The tomatoes have lots of blooms but no new fruit is setting...too hot.  I've said it before but I'll say it again, my future summer plantings will all go into the ground.  The raised beds just get too hot and the plants suffer because of it.  Spring and Fall plantings are fine to go into the raised beds, so they still have a use.  I'm wondering if next springs strawberry's should go in the ground or in a raised bed.  Any thoughts on that?

The "vining" plants are too shaded and crowded.  We're making do for this year, but we plan on putting all these "creepers" in the new extension we'll dig out this Fall.

Lima beans are in full bloom and the bee's are all over them.

Have a happy weekend gardening!


  1. Wonderful - your plants have certainly "gone forth and multiplied" :)

  2. Sorry about the blight. I am glad to see the Brandywine and Matt's are so durable as they are my two favorites.
    I grow in a "combo" of raised beds and in ground--mostly raised but I'm WAY up north, so I couldn't tell ya anything. I don't know how you southern gals contend with that awful heat you get. You're all TOUGH COOKIES!!

  3. Hey Tami!
    Thanks for your comment about my beans possibly being a mismarked seed packet...had not thought of that...and that is a great suggestion.

    Your garden is so awesome. You are such a hardworking gal and it shows.

    Been thinking about an earlier post you seems no matter how old I get...I still wonder about 'what I want to be when I grow up'. I think you worded it better with 'considering your place in the world'. I just wanted to wish you good luck with the changes taking place in your life and know that you will figure out your place in the world...

  4. I've never done raised beds either. But what you say makes sense to my pea brain. Regardless, everything still looks good and at least keeping you busy!

  5. I grew a strawberry plant in the ground and one in a pot. The one in the pot is still giving us fruit, even with the heat. You could try both ways and see what happens!

    Can't wait for fall tomatoes down here!

  6. Your garden is looking good! Too bad us humans can't fair the heat as well as the plants do.

    I would suggest putting the strawberries in the ground since they can have a hard time handling excessive heat.

    Keep up the good work!

  7. Beautiful! Too bad about the blight. That stinks. As far as raised beds go, my strawberries are in raised beds and I like it. They do, however, spread on the ground surrounding unless you cut the suckers. I let them spread. After they've produced fruit I just weed wack them until the next year. Makes a productive garden path. :-)