Saturday, July 23, 2011

In This Heat

In this heat, I only walk the pups a few blocks.  We usually do 1-2 miles every morning.  I try to haul myself out there to do a solo mile but some mornings are so hot and muggy I'm not even inspired to do that.

In this heat, I'm grateful to have electricity so we can have AC.  I can't begin to imagine the cranky "bee-atch" I'd be without it.

In this heat, I only allow Ginny outside to do her business.  I usually let her lounge the morning away outside until it gets hotter.  My poor girl is turning into one big red itch. With her Vet's "OK", I've increased both her antihistamine and her fish oil pill to twice a day.

In this heat, I water the garden everyday.  Tomatoes are still ripening and the squash that hasn't been hit by the SVB's are still putting out.  Shockingly, the bush beans I replanted last week are starting to come up.

In this heat, I'm also amazed to find the lima beans thriving.  They have tons of blooms on them and are starting to develop pods.  I've never grown lima beans before.  When I planted them, I only got about a 50% germination rate so I didn't expect much to happen.  We're still a long ways off from getting a harvest but "so far, so good".

In this heat, I find it ironic that I'll be "heating up" my kitchen to preserve my tomato harvest.

And since SM was in SC yesterday, I asked him to pick up a couple of baskets of peaches too.  

So I guess we all know what I'll be doing this weekend.  Stay cool, guys!


  1. Those peaches look wonderful-now, imagine trying to preserve those without air. My beans are coming in by the bucketful--and I try and blanch them EARLY so it's not quite so hot in the house. I don't have air--but we usually only have really hot weather for a week or two.

    By the way-love the header photo.

  2. Tami - sounds like you need a solar oven to do your cooking / preserving with... It works a treat :)

    My lima beans also have loads of flowers - but no beans:(

  3. Those peaches look scrumptious!
    Stay cool, girl!

  4. I have been on a canning binge this weekend too. It's so darn hot anyway, whats a little extra steam. Those peaches look great.

  5. Wow! You are really getting going with this canning stuff! Everything looks so great! I truly envy your peaches!!