Sunday, July 10, 2011

It Was Only A Matter Of Time

Well, I held it off for about a month, but the big B has finally come to town.  Blight.  

After having heavy thunderstorms everyday for the past week, I went out this morning to inspect the garden.  I'd noticed yesterday that the leaves were curling on several of the tomatoes in the raised beds.  I knew their feet were wet.  Nothing I could do about the massive amount of rain we've had this week.  Today, everything is yellow and spotted, it's hit that quick.  It's currently effecting the raised bed only. 

(Shrug)...There's not enough fungicide in the world that can keep up with this weather pattern.  We have the next 3 days of no rain and then we're back into it.  SM said "Looks like we might not be canning much this year."  

"Maybe...Time will tell.  The other bed is still hanging in there and there's always the Farmers Market.  Which makes me question if we should even bother with another expansion.  I mean this gardening stuff is fun but am I throwing good money down the drain when I can just go get a bushel from the FM and be done with it?"

Since it looks like the tomatoes on the plants are starting to turn this week, I'm going to leave them alone and harvest what I can as the week goes by.  Pull up the diseased plants next weekend maybe. 


  1. Tami - Oh - how sad. Can you not salvage the seeds - for next year?

  2. That's a bummer. At least go around and pick up the dead leaves as they fall and then pitch them in the garbage. As in completely OUT.

    You might be surprised and still get a nice crop. Hang in there!!

  3. I think your plan is great. I bet you still get tomatoes.

  4. Good Luck! make sure to dispose of everything dead and diseased in the garbage and not in your compost... Ugh, what a terrible thing. I am praying to the garden gods that the blight leaves the Cleveland area alone!