Monday, July 25, 2011

Reality Check

I've been considering my place in the world lately.  The economy still doesn't want to "snap out of it" and I'm wondering, (like I'm sure a lot of people are) if I've survived the first bloodbath only to get nailed in the next.  (There are "warning" signs at work again.  Sigh.)

(Am I the only one out there that feels we're heading into some deep sh*t economically?)

Anyway, while my gut is telling me that something is coming down the line, my head is trying to wrap itself around the possibility that my secret wish just might come true.  What's my secret wish?

That I might just become a housewife.

That's right.  A housewife or "The Wife of the House."  The person whose fulltime job it is to manage everything about the home. 

Right now I'm SM's wife.  Oh, I manage the house alright but I do it during those bits of time here and there when I'm not working for "The Man" earning the "Big Green."

I've worked everyday outside of the home my entire marriage.  Even before that.  Lets just round it off at 30 years of full time employment.  I'm a modern woman after all and I grew up knowing that I'd have to provide for myself and eventually my family.  ("Working for a living.  Living and a working....I'm taking what they're giving cause I'm working for a living.")

You see, I fantasize about early retirement.  Early retirement for SM and I meant that we'd live a partime kind of life by the time we'd reach our middle 50's.  We wanted to RV for 4 months of the year (Playtime) and work the other 8 months (Funding the playtime).  That's not goin to happen with this economy.

And with Dr T's retirement this week, my fantasy is now "front and center" but in a different way.  Simply put...I'd now be happy with a break at least.  But this kind of falls under the "Be careful what you wish for."  If I "break" now, I might not get hired back again anytime soon. 

I teased SM about that today.  I started the canning process at 6am.  By 2:00 my "dogs were barking" and I commented to SM that "this farming thing ain't for sissies" and that I really needed to "toughen up and stop being a pussy" about all the housework that is in front of me.  That "this will become a fulltime job in and of itself" and that he really needs to "suck it up" and  "become the sole bread winner of the family."

SM looked at me and said "What planet are you living on?"

Never have truer words been spoken.


  1. I dont think things are going to get better anytime soon either. I hope the worst doesnt happen with your job, but if it did it might work out for you. After all having a job cost you money too. There is the fuel, lunches out, gifts for coworkers, etc that will be cut from your budget. We used to RV for 5-6 weeks total throughout the year too, but fuel costs just got crazy. And I have found a greater purpose here at home. So things sometimes work out for the best, even if it doesnt seem so at first.

  2. Tami - We're of the same age, and same inclination :)

    I agree - there is a definite pile of trouble which seems to be growing and growing, instead of clarity and an end to the hard times on the horizon...

    Guess we all just have to keep our heads down, and our noses to whatever grindstone we can. I'm certainly not going to sink, so guess I'll have to learn a new stroke to swim :)

    When we look back from the future, it will all have been worth it. and dreams will come true ;)

  3. The more I read in the papers, the more convinced I am that the SH#@ hasn't even BEGUN to hit the fan. So I do believe you are right. And maybe eventually you WILL be home. It does cost a LOT to work. And when you figure the little bit you earn after all those taxes and expenses, maybe you'll be able to "cut" that much out of expenses and stay home like you want. I sure hope so. Until then, learn to do what you can for yourself. Get rid of debt. And keep hoping!

  4. You know my feelings. You live in a big house and that has huge costs. yeah, yeah I know you can garden. But I wouldn't go back to a house if it was given to me. I love my traveling life.

  5. Oh my. Well sometimes wishes do come true. When I left my job, at first I felt lost even tho it's what I wished for secretly too. But the good news is, you find your way again and you make your way. I've never been happier. Maybe SM will let the planets collide and it will all work out to everyones desire.

    You guys are right tho, things are NOT getting better. I think the news anchors just want to brainwash us into thinking it is. Prices, unemployment etc are the truth tellers. And it aint good.