Friday, July 1, 2011

So What's In Your Pile?

I ran into the kitchen yesterday morning before heading into work and this caught my eye...

It pretty much explains this past weeks activities, past, present and future.

The pile that developed here this week is unusual.  I'm a pretty organized person and this buffet top is usually free of clutter with the exception of my laptop.  

The big stock pot is there because, in this heat, I'm making sweet tea every 4th day or so.  It's also being used in blanching peaches.

Putting Foods By is hanging out there as a reference tool because...(while everyone says with a wave of their hand..."Canning is easy")...I'm new enough to it be slightly paranoid and freaked out about the whole thing.  I've got toothpicks stuck between pages for easy access and sticky notes placed on pages of interest. 

The hand towel?  Well, those are everywhere in kitchen.  Looks like there's a Ziplock bag hanging out there ready to be reused...(Oh yeah, that was from the frozen strawberries that I used to make SM a smoothie the other day.)

Hmmm...the quart boxes I'm hoping to reuse as pots for the packet of broccoli seeds that is hiding inside it.  (Gotta start thinking about the fall garden).  Ditto the white plastic grocery bag that has starter soil and peat pots in it.

The 2 woven baskets held the peaches that I bought at the Farmers Market this weekend.  I've been using them for bringing in the cucumbers and green beans that I've picked this week.

And the pint jars will likely be filled this weekend.  Time for some pickles.  I'm thinking bread and butter pickles.  Anybody got a killer recipe?

So what's in your pile?


  1. The best bread & butter pickle recipe is in the Ball Blue Book. The recipe has not changed in all the versions that I have and it is the best!

  2. My pile(s) are all over the place right now! I have a pile of pictures that need to be hung, pile of seed starting stuff that needs to go in the basement for oh, a week until I decide what to do for fall, and many other various piles due to our construction... Will the piles ever end?!?

    I have never had luck with bread and butter pickles... My mom used to try to make them every year, and without fail they would come out mushy and un-crisp. Good luck!!!

  3. Oh Tami, I have 75 acres of piles. I dont even want to go there ;)

  4. My entire house is a pile this time of year! So you are way ahead of the game!

    I lost your email, but I do have a B&B pickle recipe if you'd like to try it. Just drop me a line.

  5. You actually usually have cleared counter space?!?!?! Tami, I'm impressed! Don't you just love those peach baskets for picking? And as for a B&B recipe, don't tell anyone but my secret recipe is Mrs. Wages packaged mix. I made it one year a long time ago and DH absolutely loved them. There are so many gazillion recipes for pickles out there, I figured he's happy, so why look any farther. :)