Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sugar...Ah Honey, Honey

Last weekend SM said that a humming bird came right up to his face and "chewed him out" because we didn't have our feeder out.  So I went ahead and made up some sugar water and put it out.  We then watched while 3 hummingbirds dodged and weaved and chased each other away from the feast.  (Simple entertainment around here, folks.)

Today I noticed that the feeder was empty and made up some more sugar water for the "chittering" birds..."Okay,okay!  Keep your feathers on.  Geez!"

I popped outside later to find the birds still "chittering" away and saw this.

I got me some happy bees.  They drained that sugar water within a few hours.

So if the flowers in your garden just ain't attracting the bees, put out some sugar.  You'll have bees before you know it!

And everybody needs a little "shug-ahh" from time to time.  (Be sure and say that with a l-o-n-g southern drawl..;)


  1. I hope they leave some for the hummers!

  2. Wow, they are loving that! Good idea.

  3. Priceless photo, Tami! Love that you're keeping the birds and the bees happy! :)

  4. Even the bees need a drink in this hot weather. They have lots of work to do!

  5. I've noticed since we've had no rain that the bees are sure hitting the hummingbird feeders. Poor little hummers have to get up pretty early in the morning to beat the bees to it!

  6. That is too crazy about those bees. Our hummingbirds used to fight over the feeder. They'd dive bomb one another for it. In the end, the ants got a lot of the sugar water.