Tuesday, July 5, 2011

You Want a Fridge On Your Finger?

"Say you don't need no diamond ring and I'll be satisfied.  Tell me that you want the kind of thing that money just can't buy.  I don't care too much for money, money can't buy me love."  Can't Buy Me Love - The Beatles

SM and I were running around Saturday morning because I needed to buy a new burner for the stove, so we popped into Lowe's Home Improvement.  While we were there SM said "You know the beer fridge out in the garage is looking pretty bad."  (When we bought the house 13 years ago the fridge came with it.  We already had a fridge of our own, so we put the old one out in the garage to use as overflow...IE: BEER.) "It's gotta be 25 years old at least." SM pointed out.

The fridge we brought with us is also starting to show it's age at 15 years.  SM suggested that, while we were there, to take advantage of their 15% off sale plus 18 months no interest.

We walked around and finally decided on a white "side-by-side" that is NOT digital.  We've heard horror stories of the fridges with fancy computer "mother boards" that end up needing replaced after a few years at a cost of $500.  No thank you.  This brought our selection down to 2 models that had the max capacity of cubic feet that I was hoping for and the white color I preferred because I hate the finger prints you get with the popular stainless steel look.  Easy decision.

I looked up at SM with the refrigerator and freezer doors wide open and said "Happy Anniversary Sweetie...Thanks so much!" and gave him a kiss.  (Yeah...I know, old people and public displays of affection.)  Our wedding anniversary is today.

But at that moment SM had a look on his face..."What?  You'd rather have a fridge than a diamond ring?"  

"You bet!"  I wiggled my fingers at him  "When was the last time you saw me wear my wedding rings?"  

"You are one strange girl."  SM noted

"That's right!  Aren't you the lucky one?"

So here she is...our anniversary gift to ourselves. 

Let me tell you THAT was fun, shuffling food around in this heat.  What a mess!  

So now the old-old fridge will be put on Craig's list to grace someone else's garage and our old fridge will become "Beer Central".  I'd rather have something that serves a function than a piece of jewelery any day.

Thanks Baby!


  1. Congrats on the new fridge and I so agree with your decision.
    Personally-I HATE jewelry, so when I lost my ring and it needed to be replaced, I opted for a tiller for the garden. Much Much better and a whole lot more useful!

  2. I love function too. The rule around here is if I ask for it it is ok to get, but dont just go buy me a sweeper for my Birthday cause I might take offense to that ;)

  3. Happy Anniversary! Yeah, you probably wont hear many of us say we wouldn't go that route either! We are just a bunch of real head scratchers!

  4. Happy Anniversary honey, I remember how hot it was that day and you cake beginning to melt to one side. How many years is it now?

  5. Happy Anniversary! One of the best gifts my husband ever gave me was a couple tons of the best alfalfa hay in the state for my goats...my dad was so impressed...another time I got four Michelin tires..again, my dad was impressed! I am such an easy keeper! Love your fridg by the way. Our new one has the French doors with the freezer on the bottom: NOT stainless...it's worked are real well.

  6. I fall on the side of pragmatism as well. Happy anniversary, tami!