Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Building Blocks

This morning Ginny -"My Sweet Ginny-Girl" suprised me.

All these long weeks of rehab, she would always lay down on her bed and watch us (Casey-"Piglet", Scooter-"Boo" and I) walk out the door with out complaint.  Maybe a sad eye...But I always looked away quick so I didn't see her sulking.

This morning, with a spring in her step, she stood with the rest of the pack expecting to be collared and leashed.

SM  "I think she's trying to tell you something."

"Do you think I should?"  I questioned...concerned that we'd blow 9 weeks of rehab. 

"Try it.  If she starts limping again, just cut her off."  SM replied

"Well...How about I just take her around the block and see what happens."

So we walked.  All 4 of us.  A pack once more. 

It was the longest block I'd ever walked.  Ginny stopped and sniffed and trotted along.  I watched her gait like a hawk expecting to be halfway around and she'd pull up lame.  Nope.  We made it around and I dropped her off with SM and took the other dogs out for the usual mile.

It's Tuesday evening.  I just got home and can report that she's still not limping.

So we'll do the same block tomorrow.  And again the day after.  "Building Blocks" slowly to see if we've managed to heal or only postpone the ACL surgery.

Keeping fingers (and paws) crossed.


  1. Crossing them, crossing them!! Yeah for Ginny.

  2. Slow and easy does it! Best of luck with this!!

  3. Maybe that's what your old gimpy mother needs to do.