Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Good Enough

SM and I have gone back and forth about the purchase of a new sofa for my spare room.  

The spare room is where I like to hang out during the winter months.  It's my reading/TV/napping room.  I like this room because it's right beside the kitchen so if I'm cooking something, I'm right there.  I also like this room because of the floor to ceiling windows.  I still feel I'm outside even on a cold winters day.  I feel all snuggled in.  It's a shabby room.  Pillows, throws and blankets are everywhere because if it's my room, it's the dogs room too.  I'm a puppy snuggler.  

So we've been looking at new sofa's and we've also been watching Craig's list for a used one.  I have no problem with a used sofa but I did have conditions.

It must be leather, a decent color, non-smoking household and no dogs or cats.  Now the first three make sense but why no dogs or cats?  Because cat piss is the WORST and also if there were other dogs than MY dogs might sniff and chew it to death.  

Remember Casey?

Oh...No, not that version of her (grin).  This version below...

(Separated at birth?...grin)  Casey is only 2 and enough of a pup still that she might think that the sofa is a chew toy.  So I didn't really want to buy a new sofa.

Sunday morning SM had Craig's List up and found an ad for a green leather sofa out by Lake Norman.  A phone call later and we were heading out for a Sunday Morning drive.  Lake Norman is about an hour's drive away.  I hadn't been out there in years.  We followed the Garman and ended up right ON THE LAKE.  A beautiful home.  Nice guy.  They just wanted to get rid of it.  Sold.

So here it is.  My "Good Enough" sofa.

We paid $75 for it.



  1. I'd say! Beautiful. And so are your sunshiney yellow walls-I love them!

  2. tami, what a find! It looks wonderful. I see the dog likes it.

    Sounds like that would be my favorite room too. I would love the windows.

  3. Is Casey sampling it in that picture? Maybe stealing a lick when your not looking?

  4. Great find! Ah, a napping room. What a luxury!

  5. That was a great find. Looks like Casey is breaking it in and it passes the pooch test. Good dog!

  6. HA! The dog and Dino do look a tad bit alike!

  7. What a good deal! So, this is "your" room? Funny, looks like it's the dog room!

  8. Looks like the one we used to have. Hey! Isn't that the dining room?

  9. I just love Craigs List...the sofa is kind of green.

  10. Total Score! Next year we are buying new living room furniture (gulp) and retiring my loveseat couch up into my little library (meaning my little empty space with a 2 shelf bookshelf.)