Tuesday, August 23, 2011

It Figures...

We love to go to the beach in September.  Less crowded beaches, no kids in the pool, cheaper rates for a hotel room...what's not to love?

Hilton Head Island is our favorite beach, hands down.  We've been up and down the east coast from Nags Head to Miami.  Hilton Head wins every time.  It's just so peaceful there.  Yeah, you pay a premium, but so what.  It's just for a couple of days.

Looks like the Carolina coastline might be somebody else's favorite destination this weekend.

It figures!  Somebody has to come and "crash" the party!

I wonder if it'll be cleaned up in...Oh, lets say 3 weeks time?  We looked online and the rates are really, really cheap for this weekend if anyone wants to go!  (grin) Lets hope she just stays a Cat 2 or 3.  You might get a lot of wind with that but usually not a ton of damage. 

Funny thing is, if you look at the projected path, it looks like Irene just might be stopping by my house too.  Hmmm..."Fluff the pillows honey, we've got visitors!"


  1. Hopefully this won't be the houseguest from hell.........

  2. Guess we got back just in time.
    Stay safe and stock up on water!

  3. They say it might even come here! Who would think inland you would have to worry, but last time one came in we had a tornado, power out for two weeks, and massive flooding. Keep your eye on it. We vacation in September too, and a lot can happen in 3 weeks so you could still be ok.

  4. My daughter and her family just got back from a week at the beach on Emeral Isle...she couldn't have planned it better! Hope the storm loses some of it's severity before it hits the coast...did you feel the earthquake? Kelly said she couldn't believe she moved from Cali to N.C. to have an earthquake follow her!